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Primitive tipsy pot planter | DIY Upcyle / In The Garden

(Please note this was originally posted when I had ‘The Pink Hammer blog’ on June 1st of 2012, this is the new and only location of this DIY Tutorial by Kelly Whitman /Endless Acres Farmtiques – previously The Pink Hammer blog )

“In my garden there is a large place for sentiment.  My garden of flowers is also my garden of thoughts and dreams.  The thoughts grow as freely as the flowers, and the dreams are as beautiful. ” ~Abram L. Urban

Oh, sweet Summer time.  The sounds of bees buzzing around the yard and the laughter of children fill the air, the grass is warm on your toes and you are ready to plant some flowers, but aren’t sure what to plant to be different from every other garden on your block.

The tipsy pot planter is a great Do It Yourself project anyone can do, with just a few supplies and a bit of a green thumb.

Using these simple steps below, you can create your own primitive tipsy pot planter!

Primitive Tipsy Pot Planter

Project Cost: Under $60.00
Project Level: Medium
Project Supplies: Flowers, Potting soil, Primitive pots, 1/2″ steel conduit |Project Tools: Drill, 1″ hole saw.

1.) Pick the location where you want your tipsy pot planter.  I chose to place mine in a place where the grass has never really grown well, right near my main entrance, which makes a great way to greet guests as they come for a visit.

2.) Drill holes into the bottom of each pot.  If you are using the 1/2″ conduit, you will need to drill a 1″ hole in each pot.  This is what allows the pots to tip from side to side.

I used a drill with a 1″ hole saw attached.

3.) Place your first, larger pot in the location you desire.

4.) Push your conduit into the ground,  through the hole you drilled in the larger pot & fill your pot with potting soil.

5.) Continue stacking your pots, tipping them as you go, along the way.  Fill them with dirt and whatever flowers your little heart desires. I mainly use flowers that will grow and eventually drape over the edge of the buckets (ivy, vinca vine, petunias, Calibrachoa etc).

Finished Project:

Primitive Tipsy Pot planter by Endless Acres Farmtiques
Primitive Tipsy Pot planter by Endless Acres Farmtiques

Your guests (and you) will LOVE walking up to your door and being greeted by such beauty and character, and don’t forget to add a sweet little sign to personalize your new tipsy pot planter :


Your steel conduit should be even or below the top tipsy pot, if needed, give it a few good pounds to push it down into the ground farther.

Pack your soil nice and tight into the first pot, as the rest of your pots will be resting right in the larger of all the pots.

The more rust your bucket has, the easier it will be to drill through.

A primitive tipsy pot planter  is a great way to upcycle ,(be creative and design your own with whatever you have laying around or find for a good deal at an antique store) and will add beauty and character to your garden and yard, and leave your guests asking ‘How did you do that!?’

You can follow Endless Acres Farmtiques on Facebook as well to see more great ideas like this one!

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*You can also read this blog post in the June issue of Queen of the Castle Magazine online , or pick up a copy at a local business.

*Garden gloves used for this project; Tomboy Tools pink rubber grip gloves. (Just $7.00, to order, email Tracey at and please tell her Kelly from The Pink Hammer blog sent you!)


In The Garden, Reflections

Serenity in the garden | Reflections

“Gardening is about the smell of things growing in the soil, getting dirty without feeling guilty, and generally taking the time to soak up a little peace and serenity.” ~Lindley Karstens

This morning as I sit outside and enjoy my morning coffee……

I watch.  The dark clouds moving in, the birds flying over my head, and the breeze blowing the tops of the trees ever so softly.

I hear.   The thunder rumbling, the tractor working in the field, and the ‘jungle’ of birds singing their morning song.

I feel.  The breeze lightly brushing my hair off my shoulders and the touch of my daughters hand as it sweetly pats my leg.

I am.  Happy and peaceful.

It is.  Complete Serenity to me.

However your day finds you today,  I hope you take time for YOU,  even if just a few minutes, to breathe, relax, to look around , watch, listen , feel, and notice the serenity and beauty in your day.

Thanks for reading,


(Read how to create your own primitive planters  here)

Antique Adventures

Find treasures & embracing visions at Meadowview Farm | Antique Aventures

“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.” ~Joel Barker

Oh… to have a dream so close to your heart and to find a place that reflects your vision almost completely, is a beautiful feeling.

I discovered Meadowview Farm a few years back, right after I also had a vision about owning a small 5 acre hobby farm and using the barn, outbuildings and land for my business.     {This was THE clearest, or only vision really I have ever had in my life.. so I am taking steps daily to get myself to where that vision becomes my reality}

Last weekend Meadowview Farm held their annual Spring barn sale.  A sale that makes my heart do a little leap, my soul smile, and leaves me feeling completely inspired.

Every year Meadowview Farm holds a Spring & Fall barn sale (starting in 2013 they will only be holding one Fall sale) near Osseo & Augusta, Wisconsin.

So come on a journey with me and see what an adventure at Meadowview Farm is all about!

As you take the beautiful Wisconsin back road on your way to the sale.. you will see this and know you are almost there….

As you get closer to the farm, you will see these signs….

As you pull in the driveway ready for a shopping adventure and your eyes will feast upon a beautiful scene…

Just follow the license plate stairway up to the loft of the barn….

….and take your time to look around the loft.  I usually circle the loft at least 3 times, each time finding treasures I had missed before.

My daughter Camryn spotted this sweet little bear all lonely by herself and decided she needed a new home…(upon bringing this little bear home, Camryn  named her ‘Meadow’ )…

I always leave the Meadowview Farm sale with some new treasures, below are just a few ;

A beautiful way to spend part of my Mothers Day, on a beautiful farm…

As always, I left Meadowview Farm feeling once again encouraged and inspired.  Someday my friends, I guarantee that you will see photos of my little hobby farm and you will see my vision become a reality.

Keep pushing yourself to not just reach your vision, but to encourage and inspire others to do the same along the way.  Take action & take steps daily to get yourself where you feel you need to be.
Stay inspired!

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DIY Upcycle, In The Garden

From old ladder to rustic garden plant stand | DIY Upcycle

“Everything that slows us down and forces patience, everything that sets us back into the slow circles of nature, is a help. Gardening is an instrument of grace.” ~May Sarton

You have an old ladder.  It isn’t stable any more, it’s rickity and would most likely leave you flat on your face-ladder on top of you, if you dare take one step on it for any project.  You don’t want to get rid of the ladder, and know you need to do something with it, but don’t know WHAT TO DO!

Today with just a few simple steps, a bit of paint and some fresh flowers I will show you just one of many ways to upcycle & give new life to that old ladder that has been laying around for years!

PROJECT:  How to turn a rickity old ladder into a beautiful plant stand.


PROJECT COST: Under $40.00

PROJECT TIME: 3 hours (this includes dry time between coats of paint)

PROJECT SUPPLIES: Ladder (don’t have one? Check local thrift & antique stores & flea markets, they are usually no more than $10) , paint, paint-brush, flowers & flower pots, whatever else your heart desires.  [I saved myself money by using leftover paint I had laying around from my dining room & bedroom]

Step 1: Place your ladder on a paint cloth, inside or out.  I prefer being in the outdoors as much as possible!

Step 2: Gather your supplies.  I LOVE Tomboy Tools Inc. pink paintbrush. (Details on how to purchase yours is at the bottom of this blog post) Whenever I paint, I also always keep a wet rag near by , there is no such thing as a perfect painter who doesn’t drip paint or splatter it across their face or dip their hair in the paint can once in a while, at least that’s what I tell myself.  😉

Step 3: Wipe down your ladder with a went rag to rid it from any dust, dirt or debris that may have built up on it over time.

Step 4: Paint the first coat of paint on the entire ladder.  Top, bottom & sides.  During painting projects like this, when there are so many little places to paint , I set mini-goals for myself.  I started with the tops of all the steps, then did the legs, then did the back paint can shelf, then moved on to all of the inner parts.  If you don’t set little goals and have some sort of plan of attack and just paint all over the place, you will get overwhelmed quickly.

Wait for the first coat of paint to dry COMPLETELY before applying the second coat.  (this is a hard step for many people, I know,..but during ‘dry’ time, I usually take a little break and grab some lunch and kick up my feet… today I actually ate, then laid down in the grass and looked up at the sky, watching some storm clouds roll by)

Depending on the look you are going for, you may only want one coat, or you may want to do the second coat with light brush strokes, in another color to age your ladder more, do what you like and what works best for you!

Step 5: Place your flowers into the pots you have chosen to use along with some nice gardening soil…

….. add some cute decor ..and your new plant stand is ready to go!

Now  you can sit back, relax and enjoy your awesome new plant stand.  Imagine how beautiful this would look mid Summer with morning glories growing up the legs!

There you have it, a fun & easy way to re-use something instead of tossing it in the trash.  Not only is this new ladder plant stand beautiful but it adds character and vertical height to your garden!    This is different, and I’ve learned in my 28 years of life, that different is good.  Don’t follow the crowd, do the gardening and projects YOU desire to do, be different-be you.

View another way I upcycled an old ladder inside of my home here.

Thanks for reading,


To purchase your own Tomboy Tools paintbrush or see other great painting products they offer, visit their website here   & make sure when you are ready to purchase that you EMAIL Tracey first at and let her know what you would like to order , this will allow for the best shipping rate for you.  Please make sure to mention Kelly from The Pink Hammer blog sent you!


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From old window to new wall art | DIY Upcyle

“When you’re building a room, you’re building character, and character is the strength and wisdom of a home.” – Rose Tarlo

Old windows make me happy. The thought about the history that each window holds from days gone by, really speaks to me. I love giving something with history a new purpose in my home, something that has feeling in it & a story to tell means so much more to me hanging on the wall.

Today I was cleaning my daughters room getting it ready for a house showing, when I looked on the wall at a wall applique I applied last Fall and realized that I should probably take it off the wall to simplify the room since we are trying to sell our house. Saddened about the thought of wasting money by throwing it away-I stopped and thought, how can I re-use the wall decal somewhere in the house, where we can take it with us when we move?! I thought and thought, looked around the house for something..anything to put it on, when I came across my stash of old windows I found on Freecycle last year. Many of the windows were small, but in the back of the pile, was one large window calling out, ‘Pick me, pick me!’ I measured the wall decal & measured the window, and they were the perfect fit for each other!

Here are the few simple steps I took to turn an old vintage window into a cool & unique piece of wall art for my daughters room!

PROJECT: Vintage window wall art
PROJECT COST: Under $20.00
PROJECT SUPPLIES: Old Window, Windex/rag, wall applique/decal

1.) Purchase wall applique/ wall decal. Many stores offer a large variety of very cool wall decals, including words, quotes, and images. I purchased mine on clearance at Kohl’s for just $9.00 , I have also found great deals on wall decals at Menards and Shop Ko. If you have no luck at your local stores, check online, there are unlimited options out there!

2.) Find an old window. Check your local thrift stores, antique stores, flea markets, Craigslist, and Freecycle. You can most likely always get old windows just by posting a wanted ad on Craigslist, people are always looking to throw/give them away.

2.) Clean window. Make sure to wipe down your entire window, including the wood frame and glass on both sides. If you desire you can also apply a quick coat of paint on the frame in any color you wish. I chose to leave this window as-is.

3.) Remove wall applique from packaging (or in my case, from the wall it was currently stuck to)….

Decal on the wall before I removed it. Don’t mind the doll with the bald spot, that’s Marble, I had her since I was 3 and carried her around by her hair.. her hair fell out & sometimes her head even fell off, thats a story you probably didn’t need to hear, but I wanted to share 😉 )

….lay your window down on a flat surface …..

….& carefully apply wall decal to your window, push down slowly and evenly as you go to prevent bubbles from appearing. The great thing about most wall decals is that they are also removable, so if you mess up-just remove and try again!

4.) Place your window wherever you like. Vintage windows look neat as a headboard, or on a blank wall that currently has no (real) windows. In my daughters room I placed her new vintage window wall art on top of her dresser and she LOVES it!

Use your imagination when adding wall decor to your home, not every thing you hang up has to be new, mix & match the old with the new for a fun, creative, unique and vintage meets modern look that will add texture to your space and leave your guests never looking at old windows the same ever again.

Thanks for reading,

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From broken rake to rustic wine glass holder | DIY Upcycle

“I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food!!” ~H.

Last Summer, my old trusty garden rake handle snapped in half on me. Maybe my muscles are just too big or something and the rake couldn’t handle the pressure I was applying to it or maybe, it was just old -we’ll leave the actual cause a mystery. 😉

Most people would throw away the metal part of the rake that was left, but not this girl. I knew I could find some use for it, so I tucked it away in my bin of project pieces and it’s new use would be discovered at another time.

1 year later while cleaning out my basement, I came across that rake again. I brought it upstairs, set it on the table and looked at it for a while- thinking about what I could do with it. I love the texture of it and the shape of it, so I thought it would look neat hanging on the wall.

There is sat, proudly hanging on the wall next to my hutch, full of my favorite glass pieces, and wine glasses.

Hmm….wine glasses.

Then, it hit me.

I could use the old rake as a vintage/rustic/country style wine glass holder.

With these simple steps below, you can do the same!

PROJECT: How to turn a rusty old rake into a rustic wine glass holder.
PROJECT COST: $5.00 (Or cost of rake. Check your local antique stores, flea markets & thrift stores, don’t forget Grandpa’s garage)
PROJECT SUPPLIES: Sad & broken old rake, wine glasses, & don’t forget the wine!

How to turn an old metal rake into a rustic wine glass holder:

1.) Find an old rake, I have seen hand fulls of these at most antique stores. [If you can’t find one, pick up a new metal hand rake from any store for under $5.00 snap or saw off the handle, and sand the metal down a bit to give it an aged look, or even spray paint a cool color.]

2.) If you want to add a little something extra to your rake, cut some twine or ribbon and simply wrap it around the top-where it will hang from the wall.

3.) Hang your rake on your wall, on the side of a cupboard, or wherever your heart desires & add wine glasses.

4.) Sit back, look at your new creation & of course-enjoy a nice glass of wine!

I hope you enjoyed reading this simple way to add rustic charm into your home!

Thanks for reading…

Antique Adventures

Laurie’s Junk Sale , Mondovi, Wisconsin | Antique Adventures

(Please note, this sale is over )

Do you LOVE treasure, primitive, junk , & antique shopping like I do? Then OH do I have a sale for you, NOT to miss!!!

Laurie’s Junk/Garden Sale is happening THIS weekend in Mondovi, Wisconsin (just off of Highway 37)

I have been going to this wonderful sale for about 3 years, and I always have so much fun looking at all of her awesome creations and cool primitives! I have never left without purchasing something.

These photos just show a small example of the awesome items she has/will have at her sale!!!

Just follow these signs to the junk sale!:

I love this sale so much, I will most likely make a 2nd visit this weekend to pick up a few more things I saw and fell in love with!

Here are just 2 of the items I picked up at todays sale;

Awesome shelf for just $7.00. I am not sure exactly where I will use it yet, but I know I love it and have plenty of places in my home that could really use a small shelf like this! I placed a few items on it, just to give you an idea what something like this could be used for.

I plan on using this awesome vintage Tonka truck as a planter in my garden (that project will be in a blog post sometime next week). I picked this cool treasure up for just $10.00!

Laurie holds these sales a few times a year, make sure if you stop by that you sign up on her email list so you can be notified of the next great sale!!! You can also check out her booth at The Shed in Altoona, Wi .


Date- Friday, April 20–>Sunday, April 22
Hours-8AM ->7PM

W4570 Old Town Rd
Mondovi, WI 54755

Directions from Eau Claire:
From Clairemont turn onto Hwy37 SOUTH Towards MONDOVI
Go 13 miles on Hwy 37
Take a left onto OLD TOWN ROAD (look for the sign here) ..go 1.2 miles (up the hill and driveway will be on the downhill)
Driveway will also be on the LEFT. (There will be another sign here)

I hope many of you are able to make this sale! Happy treasure hunting!!!
Thanks for reading,