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Primitive chive container garden | DIY Upcycle

“Gardening is how I relax. It’s another form of creating and playing with colors.” ~Oscar de la Renta

Have a spot in your yard that looks like this? :

….just a bare spot of dirt that won’t allow grass to grow, everyone walks on it, tracks mud and dirt in your home, and it’s become an eyesore when guests walk up to your door? Maybe it’s time you consider placing a container garden right in that spot!

I personally love chives. I have fond childhood memories of picking chives from my mothers’ garden.

They are fabulous chopped up and put on top of home-made pizza (my favorite), potatoes, and so many other things!

I’ve had a small bunch of chives planted on the back side of my house for about 4 years, they have always been in such a lonely spot, where I rarely see them-and sometimes I admit, I even forget about them way over there.

I’ve also had this primitive container I picked up from an abandoned farm years ago, waiting to be used for something other then, well, nothing.

Chives + primitive container = possibly a perfect match? I think so, let’s give it a try!

I filled the container about 3/4 full. 1/2 garden dirt & 1/2potting soil mixed with Miracle Grow.

I then dug up my chives, and realized as I was digging-the roots were very deep on these little green guys! I used my small gardening shovel and dug around the chives in a circle and lifted up, revealing the deep , beautiful & healthy roots.

Make sure when transplanting your herbs or plants, you do dig deep enough to include all of the roots. You can see below how deep I dug to include all of the chive roots.

Where the dirt laid before, I placed & puzzled together several flat rocks I picked up along a northern Wisconsin lake shore a few years back:

Parting the dirt inside of my primitive planter with one hand, I placed the chives in the dirt, making sure all of the roots were buried in the new soil. I gave them a drink of water, and placed the planter in its new home, right next to my house. (I don’t even need to put my shoes on to reach these delicious chives as I set them right next to my back steps).

As with everything I do, I like to add a little something extra-like these nestled birds to welcome visitors to my home;

Chives can also be brought indoors during the winter months-to get use out of them all year long, or if left outside -they will die off in the winter, and grow back in the Spring! Early Summer they also show off beautiful purple blossoms.

Don’t they ^ look absolutely delicious? I have a half created home-made pizza waiting to be topped with their presence! YUM!

You can purchase Chive seeds for just a couple of dollars. At you get a pack of 125 seeds for just $3.95!

Oh, remember that pizza I mentioned above? Here it is, topped with chives;

Make sure to always give your chives a quick wash under the faucet before chopping & eating!

Be creative when gardening, use containers you wouldn’t find at the garden center {look at antique stores & thrift sales}, and bring your herbs close to your door steps! Enjoy!

Thanks for reading,

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