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Discovering Hixton, Wisconsin | Antique Adventures

Last weekend I set out on {another} random adventure. With my two kids in tow in the back seat of the Jeep, we headed south down back-roads for Hixton, Wisconsin. Prior to this adventure, I had never been to Hixton before-I love exploring new towns!

Hixton, Wi Antique Mall

Hixton, Wi Antique Mall

Below are photos of some of the treasures I found while exploring several antique stores that Hixton had to offer;

Antique Structo Truck -purchased at the Hixton Antique Mall for $2.00. This will look super cute in my office on a book shelf.
Antique cup. Purchased for $1.99 at the Hixton Antique Mall. This will make a great coin, jewelry, or random little things holder.
Antique fuel can. Just under $2.00. I bought this, because..I just really liked it!
The back of the can….read it!
My kids looking for treasures at the Meadowview Farms booth inside the Hixton Antique Mall.
Love this! Antique kitchen scale from Meadowview Farms booth at the Hixton Antique Mall. Around $20.

Meadow View Farm blog

Old Ghost Town book $5.00, full of awesome ghost towns and photos from across the U.S.
Old wooden ladder, found burried under other items at the Hixton, Wi Antique Mall, for under $5.00

After spending..seriously..HOURS inside of the never-ending Hixton Antique Mall, checking out every nook and cranny, every corner, every room…we headed to Main Street in Hixton for an amazing home cooked meal at the Hixton Blue Collar Cafe. Where we had an amazing meal and enjoyed the small town, friendly atmosphere. A place I will visit again-and again when antique shopping in the Hixton area.

After a nice warm lunch, the kids and I headed across the street to yet another antique store where I found 2 old blue glass Vicks jars to add to my collection.

Then..we ventured down the road to the Cobblestone Cottage Antiques-which was yet another & gift store.

Now is probably a good time to mention that I have been looking for over a year now, for a Whitmans chocolates tin. (being that Whitman is my last name) and I have had ZERO luck. Before setting out to Hixton, I told my son “I HAVE to find a Whitmans tin this trip!!!” … after venturing around the Cobblestone Cottage for about 30 minutes, I walked into a booth -looked around at every little spot, when my eyes came across this;

Antique Whitmans White Cap Mints Tin, $5.00 at the Cobblestone Cottage gift & antique store in Hixton, Wi

S C O R E !


What is an antiquing adventure without some fun along the way? Below are some photos I took during my day trip to Hixton;

My daughter loved this old Ford truck outside of the Hixton Antique Mall!
Abandoned School/Home I came across after deciding to get off the interstate and take a back road!

You can purchase the old School House photo here.

When we were finished antiquing, I noticed the train tracks behind the Cobblestone Cottage, and decided to drive down the road and look down them to see if we could see any train lights coming in the distance, low and behold-we did! So I pulled to the side, and waited..and waited…and..well the train wasn’t getting closer! My son- REALLY wanted to see this train. So..I drove down the main road in town, thinking it would be super easy to find this train we saw far off in the distance–and I took a left, which would have been in the direction to get us to the tracks again–and there were NO TRACKS… at this point my son was so worried we lost the train and would never..see it!

I told him, “Don’t you worry, Mommy will find this train!” I took a quick random left, and right in our face…was THE TRAIN! I pulled off into a Country Co-Op lot, and parked right by the stopped train. At this point, the Engineer opened up his window and yelled “HELLO!!!” to the kids and blew the train whistle.

Departing train heading through Hixton, Wisconsin. Photo by Rayce Whitman.
An awesome way to end our adventure!

An absolutely amazing way to end our adventure as the sun was setting.

We never made it to 1 of the 4 (that I know of) antique stores in Hixton, but are happily saving that one for next time! I never would have thought I could spend SIX hours in a town with just a couple antique stores, and a few cafe/bars..but..I did, and had an amazing time.

It is a very friendly, good old fashioned town, and made me feel ‘at home.’

We started our day with no plans, but to explore and left the day open to -whatever came our way.
It is days like these that I will remember forever (& hope my kids will too).

Hope you enjoyed seeing my treasures and ‘coming along’ on my latest antiquing adventure,

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