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“Our Lord has written the promise of the resurrection, not in books alone, but in every leaf in spring-time.” ~Martin Luther

Have you always been afraid to take on the task of hard boiling your own eggs?!

My beautiful, ever-so-gifted in the kitchen Grandma Shirley passed away 2 years ago. She always had the PERFECT hard boiled eggs, never green or overcooked, and never undercooked .. always, always just right.

Today, I am passing on her simple, no fail recipe to create the perfect hard boiled egg & my own bonus tips on how to create your own Easter Egg dye, so put those hammers away and grab your apron, todays Do It Yourself project takes place in the kitchen!

I try to pick up my eggs from a local Amish farm – let me tell you, they are the best eggs ever & I love supporting small, local businesses in the area.


1.) Let your eggs sit out at room temperature for at least 45 minutes until they are no longer cold. This will prevent your eggs from cracking from the transition of cold to hot.

2.) Fill a pan with water, at least to the top of all of your eggs. Place your eggs in the pan, 1 by 1 using a spoon to gently place them in the pan so they do not crack.

3.) Turn your burner on high. Stay close by! As soon as your eggs/water start to come to a rolling boil, turn OFF your burner, Remove the eggs from the hot burner and onto a cool surface, cover the top of your pot with a lid & set the timer for 30 minutes.

4.) As SOON as the 30 minutes is up, carefully remove your eggs from the hot water-again using a spoon. Place them into a strainer, or another bowl and run/spray cold water on them to stop them from cooking. This is a very important step-if you don’t cool them down, they will continue cooking and that is where the ‘green egg’ comes in.

That’s really ALL there is to it! Simple enough right?! It’s really not as hard as some people make it sound on other blog posts I’ve read. I got it right the very first time, and if you follow these easy instructions, you will too!

Now if you are in the Easter mode, you can continue reading on how to create your own Easter Egg dyes at home with a few natural and creative ingredients.


Yes you could go to the store and buy the very low cost, $3 or less egg dying kit, but isn’t the fun in creating things on your own? I think so!

Look around your kitchen, your pantry, your fridge and see what you can find that you think would have enough color to absorb onto an egg shell, be creative and experiment, if one thing doesn’t work..try something else!

Here are the items I chose out of my kitchen to use to dye eggs with today;

Coffee, Cranberry Grape Juice, Raspberry vinegar, juice from fresh berries, and food dye/coloring.

1.) Place a small amount of each ‘dye’ into your container of choice.

2.) Add a few splashes of white vinegar. This will help the color to stick better to your hard boiled egg.

3.) Fill the rest of your container with water. Remember to leave enough room for 1 egg to be placed inside.

[Colors from left to right ; Cranberry-grape juice, Berries, Raspberry vinegar dressing, coffee, yellow dye, green dye, blue dye]

4.) Carefully place 1 egg into each container full of dye.

(Before you do this, if you have kids, let them be creative and color with crayons-carefully on the eggs..if they scribble with white crayon, once placed in the dye -their drawing will show up!)

5.) Wait!

& wait some more, very patiently.

How dark your dye turns out depends on how long you leave the eggs sitting in the dye.

6.) Allow your eggs to air dry by placing them sideways in an egg carton.

The home-made dyes that worked the best for me today were ones that I added a splash of food coloring too, the coffee & raspberry vinegar dressing also worked GREAT.

These make a beautiful centerpiece for your table on Easter Sunday. Just remember not to leave them sit out TOO long if you plan on eating them!

I found that my coffee dyed egg was my favorite, it looks like a little potato! Other great food items I have heard work great are beets, red cabbage & yellow onion skins.

If you have any tips that you find work well, please feel free to share them -I’d love to hear your ideas!

Have an egg-celent Friday afternoon everyone! Remember to include your kids, or loved one in this project with you-something shared is always so much more fun & memorable.

Thanks for reading,

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