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Home-made playdough recipe | DIY with kids

Oh,those cold winter days… your kids are bored-but don’t want to go play outside. You need to get some work done around the house (ok, or maybe you need some quiet, relaxation time to sip your morning coffee and read your favorite DIY blog like The Pink Hammer), so you wonder..’WHAT can I do? I am all out of ideas!’

I have a simple & fun solution to keep you and your kids happy……..Make playdough!

This is a great, fast, fun and easy diy homemade craft idea, that your kids will love helping you make (& it even makes your house smell good)! The final product will result in at least 30 minutes (not guaranteed, sorry) of quiet time for mom & dad. There are many playdough recipes out there, this is just one that I like and find that works for me!

PROJECT COST: Free (if you already have ingredients)/ $10 or less.
PROJECT TIME: >10 minutes to make.
PROJECT SUPPLIES: Flour, water, oil, kool-aid, bowl,mixing spoon, measuring cup, tsp., your kids!

Grab your ingredients and your kids, and lets get stirring (before your cup of coffee gets cold!)!

{Don’t have kids? That’s okay! You can still make this playdough recipe, put it in a jar and give it to a little one you adore as a birthday or Christmas gift! Or place all dry ingredients in a jar with recipe written on the lid, wrap the jar with decorative paper-and give to someone with children as a DIY gift!}

Playdough Ingredients;

1 cup of flour
3 teaspoons of oil
1 packet of Kool-Aid mix
1 cup of boiling water (Microwave water 4+ minutes on high)

Grab your little one a chair to stand on, if they aren’t yet tall enough to reach the counter..and begin!

1.)Pour 1 cup of flour into your mixing bowl;

2.)Pour Kool-Aid packet (flavor of your choice) into mixing bowl;

3.)Add 3 tsp. of oil into Kool-Aid/Flour mix.

4.)Add 1 cup of boiling water(help smaller children with this step so they do not burn themselves on the hot water);

5.)Watch the magic happen as the mixture turns into your Kool-Aid color;

6.)Stir all ingredients together, if needed kneed the playdough with your hands & congrats, you have just made home-made playdough!

7.){THE BEST STEP} Play! Go grab that coffee you made this morning and haven’t drank yet,sit back, and relax while your little ones are busy using their imaginations with their new home-made playdough!!!

(I purchased a table cloth at the end of a season for .50 cents and use it for painting/crafts/playdough, to keep our table from getting damaged)

Store playdough in an airtight ziploc bag & replace playdough as it shows signs of aging/drying out-& repeat the steps above to make a new batch!

As with any recipe, you may edit this one as you go and as you find what works best for you!

Have fun & thanks for reading,

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