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This tip is short and sweet, and is a great way to upcycle a piece of jewelry you no longer wear, need,..or maybe you’re like me, and it just makes TOO much noise when you move your hand.

I bought this tiny little lamp from Wal Mart a month ago for a whopping $9.00, I had visioned it on the corner of my computer desk and didn’t want anything that was too big and took up to much space (or that was too bright while I am up writing blog posts and working on photos in the middle of the night).

Lamp + bracelet, before.

I bought the bracelet a long time ago for around $5.00 because I loved it (good enough reason right?).. and after wearing it one time, I realized, either I move my hand WAY too much or this was the noisiest bracelet known to woman-kind & I haven’t worn it since. I was saddened as I did love the look of this bracelet, but really didn’t need my right wrist to be jingling everywhere I went.

The other day I finally took the bracelet out of my room, and brought it down stairs while I had family over, to see if anyone else wanted this noisy..(I mean, beautiful) bracelet. As I was walking over to show my sister, that little lamp I mentioned before caught my eye, and the idea, came clearly to me: Place the bracelet around the lamp base to give it a little more detail & character!

Lamp after.

The lamp is now a happy little lamp, and has been brightened up a little bit, just by me opening my eyes to the possibility of Upcycling a while back, ..I truly see things in a completely different way.

I hope this encourages you -even just a tiny bit- to look around you and see what you can re-use/upcycle in a whole new way, before trying to pawn it off on your family or sending it to the dump! Keep your eyes and mind open, maybe you’re lamp isn’t a tiny lamp like mine, could use your bracelet(s) as curtain pull backs, napkin rings, ..the list goes on!

A whole new look for my lamp by adding a new element and some great texture, for just $5.00 (cost of the bracelet).

Thanks for reading todays tip!

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