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Lemon floral arrangement | DIY Decor

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.”

How to create a unique floral arrangement using lemons:

Project Cost: Approx. $13.00 [cost of flowers + lemons]

Project Supplies:
*Large glass vase
*Flowers (I usually like to pick fresh flowers from my garden, but there is nothing wrong with picking up a fresh bouquet from the grocery store-I got this bouquet for just $10..AND I must add girls, there is absolutely nothing wrong either with buying yourself flowers;) )
*Lemons (about 3-8, depending on size of vase)

Project Directions:

1.)Cut up Lemons into slices. For this arrangement, I used 3 lemons. Use as many as you need, for the look you want! If you want to be creative, slice up some limes & oranges too!

2.) Fill your vase with water.

3.) Arrange flowers into vase.

4.) Add lemons, 1 by 1. They may try to float up, but just continue adding more lemons, pushing them down into each other -using your hand, or a wooden spoon if you don’t feel like getting a bit wet. Keep placing lemons all around the vase until they are nice and snug and stay in place!

The result is a beautiful, unique & stunning centerpiece, guaranteed to catch the eyes of your guests & save you a lot of money [compared to buying a pre-made centerpiece from a florist]

Not only does adding lemons to your floral arrangements look beautiful, but it also helps prolong the life of your flowers! By adding lemons (or lemon juice) to the water in your flower vase, it will help improve the flow of water in the flower stems, plus the natural sugars from the lemons helps open the buds on your flowers. Additionally, the acid in the lemons will help reduce the amount of residue/fungi buildup in your flower vase.

I hope you enjoyed this simple, fruitful idea and always remember to be creative & add a little twist to your floral arrangements & your life as well 😉 !

Thanks for reading,

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