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My latest {blue} obsession | Home Decor Inspiration

Oh the lake..the stream..the creek.. the ocean..the river..the pond… the colors of blues in water make my heart smile!

I went to High School in Ashland, Wisconsin & my parents live 1 mile down the road from Lake Superior. Having something SO beautiful right down the road was such a blessing to me! Many people don’t appreciate the Lake for what it is- I am pretty sure when we first moved to Ashland, my family and I were at the Lake every single day, whether we were swimming in the freezing water, sitting and watching the sunrise/sunset, boating to the Apostle Islands, fishing, laying on the beach, or collecting beach glass, rocks, or whacking each others’ behinds with driftwood (sorry mom!)..we embraced & appreciated everything that Lake Superior had to offer -it’s beauty and it’s power.

I miss the Lake! Water gives me a feeling that I get from nowhere else. It has a power that can calm my heart like nothing else.

Footprints along the shore of Lake Superior

Since I am now over 3 hours away from Lake Superior, and don’t get back home to enjoy it often enough- I have started finding ways to bring that serenity & calmness of the blue waters into my home.

Below are a few photos I took today (using my Nikon 18-200mm lens) of the BLUES I am adding into my home, some are filled with beach-glass from Lake Superior, some are empty, and some I can imagine with a white daisy inside on my window ledge in the Summer time.

I love antique shopping ~ and these are my latest treasures/finds. [ A few items are new, but I’ll explain that as I go]

Jars sitting on my window ledge
Blue Jar, along with 2 green jars -full of beach glass.
My collection of all things blue…
Vicks Vapor rub jars.
Vicks glass jar. According to an antique dealer-the jars with lids are more rare, as the lids would often rust and get tossed away.
Jars with beach glass.

And my latest find, last night;

I purchased these beautiful tall bottles from TJ Maxx for 2.99/each. These will be beautiful with 1 or 2 fresh picked flowers in the summer, or for my beach glass collection.

So there you have it ~ my latest [blue] home decor obsession. Each jar was less than $5.00 at antique stores, flea markets, or TJ Maxx.

What are your favorite colors to collect and display in your home?!

Photography for this post by Endless Acres Photography.

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