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Nature inspired jewelry display | DIY on a budget

Last Fall I was walking along the shores of one of my favorite lakes, and found a stick that had been smoothed over from who knows how many years of being pushed upon by crashing waves in the lake. I don’t always take everything, or anything I find in nature, but I really liked this little stick. I knew it would have a beautiful place in my home.

After it resting on my dresser for months this winter,…& after always having my earrings getting tangled up with each other, and losing my favorite pieces of jewelry -it hit me- this little stick treasure would be a beautiful little way to display my favorite pieces of jewelry.

I love bringing pieces of nature into my home, this is a very simple, easy and beautiful way to do so.

Project Level: VERY EASY
Project Cost : $0.00
Project Time: Time it takes you to find a stick/twig you like!
Project Supplies: Stick, your favorite jewelry.

Nature inspired jewelry display.
Full view of my dresser with the new nature inspired jewelry display on it.

Slide show of different views/angles;

Just head on out on a little adventure in the woods or along the beach, find your stick -bring it home, sand it down smooth if you desire, then place your favorite pieces of jewelry on it, and you have your new, nature inspired jewelry display! I told you it was VERY EASY!

Thanks for reading todays’ design tip-inspired by nature,

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