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Fabulously bold chair makeover & chair rung repair | DIY Before & After

“Laugh at yourself, but don’t ever aim your doubt at yourself. Be bold When you embark for strange places, don’t leave any of yourself safely on shore. Have the nerve to go into unexplored territory.” ~Alan Alda

I picked up this white wood chair over 2 years ago at a garage sale for around $3.00 (I think they were asking $5.00 and I talked them down to $3.00, hey every dollar counts!)

I have lived with it white, along with its pretty little sunflower for the past 2 years. I LOVE white. It is so fresh and just makes me think of simple country. Whether its white clothes, or white accents in my home -I love white. (& yes white CAN be a beautiful accent color). Since I do already have a lot of white in my home, I decided just today, that it’s time to take a chance & go BOLD .

2 weekends ago Ace Hardware had their great free Clark + Kensington paint give-a-way, so I took advantage of the offer and picked up a quart of bright green paint, appropriately named ‘Tree Frog Green.’

Since my chair had already been hand painted once, I didn’t have any prep work, except to wash it down with a wet rag, to rid it from any dirt or dust that may prevent the new paint from sticking.

I always lay down a paint cloth, even when working outside. No.. this isn’t because I’m afraid I’ll get paint on the grass ;) Simply so I have a more comfortable place to kneel/sit and so grass doesn’t stick up around the base of my project-a flat surface is always best. This paint cloth in particular always makes me smile when I use it, because it was my dads for many years-and has blue speckles of paint from when I helped him paint our home in West Branch, Iowa, probably in the mid 1990′s.

Your flip flops have to match your current paint color, right?!

To capture a few photos of me in action today, I attempted to teach my 3 year old daughter how to take a photo with my iphone.. (step by step, next is the SLR;) ) most of the photos were of my feet, or the grass, or of her finger, but she did get one photo of me! :

I started by doing a quick swipe of paint over the sunflower-since it is a colored design, it will take a few more coats of paint than the rest of the chair.

Next, I moved on to the seat of the chair and continued to move around the entire TOP side of the chair. Painting chair spindles/rungs is never fun, so I use a feathering technique, and swipe the brush quickly back and forth in a horizontal motion. You can see in the photo below how I painted them. (After a few coats, the paint brush marks become less visible).

I typically do 2 coats on the seat/base of the chair and 3 on the rungs and legs, letting the chair air dry completely in between each coat.

After the entire top portion of the chair is painted and dried, I flip the chair upside down and repeat all of my steps on the under side. The entire time during painting, I walk around my project every now and then to check for paint drips. If you miss a paint drip and don’t notice it until it dries, you can either ignore it, or sand it down and start over on that particular spot.

Once the entire chair is complete, place it somewhere bug (& child) free for at least an hour or more before you let anyone take a seat in it!

If you will be using your chair outside in a garden, I would suggest spraying it with a protective all weather clear coat… This chair could be used for so many things, the corner of an entry way with a basket for keys, in a garden with a sweet little potted plant on top, (and don’t forget the duck !) , or as a cool bold photo prop! The possibilities are endless, and the great thing about if you want a new look in a few months, you just pick a new color-and paint it again!

Be Bold & take chances in life and with color!
Thanks for reading,

BONUS TIP: How to repair lose chair rungs;

Loose chair rungs happen. So what do you do if you have a chair with loose rungs? At first, the idea of fixing the rungs may seem overwhelming, but I assure you, the solution is very simple.

1.)Depending on the condition of your current rung(s) you may need to replace them all together. If this is the case, you can head to a home improvement store and pick up a wooden dowel the same size as your old rung(s) and use those, or find a wood worker who can make you an exact replica.

2.)Once you decide which rung(s) you will be using, you can start by cleaning out all of the old glue from inside of the dowel hole- a screwdriver works great.

3.)Set the dowel into the hole (do not apply glue yet) and with an electric drill, use a 5/64-inch diameter drill bit to make a very small hole through the leg of the chair and the end of the dowel, at a right angle to the rung hole, repeat this on both sides. Drilling the hole will allow excess glue to run out the holes & give you a place for your finishing nails later.

4.) Take out your rung/dowel and add wood glue to the end of the dowel and into the hole.

5.) Glue will seep out the small holes you drilled in step 3, use a wet rag to wipe the glue away.

6.) Lightly drive in small finishing nails into each of the holes-which will help secure your joints in place.

7.) Let your chair dry at least 24 hours before letting anyone take a seat in it!

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