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Finding treasures & embracing visions | Antique adventures & reflections

Finding treasures & embracing visions | My adventure at Meadowview Farms’ Spring Sale.

“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.” ~Joel Barker

Oh… to have a dream so close to your heart and to find a place that reflects your vision almost completely, is a beautiful feeling.

I discovered Meadowview Farm a few years back, right after I also had a vision about owning a small 5 acre hobby farm and using the barn, outbuildings and land for my business.     {This was THE clearest, or only vision really I have ever had in my life.. so I am taking steps daily to get myself to where that vision becomes my reality}

Last weekend Meadowview Farm held their annual Spring barn sale.  A sale that makes my heart do a little leap, my soul smile, and leaves me feeling completely inspired.

Every year Meadowview Farm holds a Spring & Fall barn sale (starting in 2013 they will only be holding one Fall sale) near Osseo & Augusta, Wisconsin.

So come on a journey with me and see what an adventure at Meadowview Farm is all about!

As you take the beautiful Wisconsin back road on your way to the sale.. you will see this and know you are almost there….

As you get closer to the farm, you will see these signs….

As you pull in the driveway ready for a shopping adventure and your eyes will feast upon a beautiful scene…

Just follow the license plate stairway up to the loft of the barn….

….and take your time to look around the loft.  I usually circle the loft at least 3 times, each time finding treasures I had missed before.

My daughter Camryn spotted this sweet little bear all lonely by herself and decided she needed a new home…(upon bringing this little bear home, Camryn  named her ‘Meadow’ )…

I always leave the Meadowview Farm sale with some new treasures, below are just a few ;

A beautiful way to spend part of my Mothers Day, on a beautiful farm…

As always, I left Meadowview Farm feeling once again encouraged and inspired.  Someday my friends, I guarantee that you will see photos of my little hobby farm and you will see my vision become a reality.

Keep pushing yourself to not just reach your vision, but to encourage and inspire others to do the same along the way.  Take action & take steps daily to get yourself where you feel you need to be.
Stay inspired!

Thanks for reading,


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