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Lazy susan for the garage | DIY Organization tip

“Have a time and place for everything, and do everything in its time and place, and you will not only accomplish more, but have far more leisure than those who are always hurrying.”~Tryon Edwards

The garage. A place where many of us spend our time. So who says a garage can’t be just as beautiful and organized as a home? NOT THIS GIRL. I dream of the day I can design a new garage, ..oh it will be SO beautiful. (and by beautiful guys,I mean.. you would LOVE it too.). ;) Until I have the opportunity to design my (I mean..our) garage…. I find simple solutions for keeping things neat and organized, and mostly-EASY to find and get to!

Todays Tip Tuesday tip is a simple solution that any guy or gal can incorporate into their own garage or workshop.

PROJECT TIME: 1-2 hours
PROJECT COST: Under $25.00
PROJECT SUPPLIES: Lazy Susan, sand paper, paint, tape measure.

I started with a wooden lazy susan that I purchased at IKEA for just $7.99. To make the lazy susan more garage friendly, I decided it needed to be darker. Lazy susans are not just for kitchens!

Step 1: (Check the width/size of the garage shelf or work bench where you will be placing your lazy susan, measure your lazy susan IN the store, to make sure it will be a correct fit!)

Lightly hand sand the top and sides of the lazy susan with a fine grit piece of sand paper.

Always sand in the direction of the wood-grain. If you sand too hard or with a rough grit sand paper-this will leave grooves that will show up after you have painted, so remember-soft, slow and use fine sandpaper!

Step 2: Spray (or hand paint) a primer onto the top and sides of the lazy susan. If you are spray painting, make sure it is a non-windy day, or if you have garage/work space -take your project inside-(allow for ventilation also, by leaving the door open or a fan pushing fumes outside).

Step 3: Wait patiently at least 10 minutes for the primer to completely dry!

This is a great time to put your feet up for a few minutes, look around and enjoy the beauty all around you…

….and then grab yourself a little mid day snack, like this Bacon Cheese (by Lynn Dairy in Granton, Wi) on top of crackers and enjoy with a big glass of chocolate milk-food to fuel you and keep you motivated and ready tackle the rest of your project(s)!

^ Seriously YUMMY cheese!

Step 4: Add your first coat of paint. I was originally going to use Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint (as pictured up near the top), but at the last minute, I decided to hand paint, using Rust-Oleum Metallic Accents paint in the color ‘Rich Brown’.

Allow at least 20 minutes in between your first and second coats of paint. Paint in full long strokes from one side of the lazy susan to the other, and feather your brush along the edges-turning as you go.

Step 5: Enjoy your new garage friendly Lazy Susan! You can use this lazy susan for just about ANYTHING. Be creative. Place several of them all over your shelving units.. and place grouped items on each lazy susan, for example.. place all of your car washing items, along with your car wash rags in a bucket (to keep them free from dirt) on top of the lazy susan:

Working on the car or a project and need all your supplies near by? Simply place all of your smaller supplies on top of the lazy susan, set on top of a stool (or nearby work bench) and spin as you need items:


Two other things I think everyone needs in their garage are below:,

This is a magnetic stainless steel rectangular tray by Crafstman. It is oil and gas resistant which makes it easy to clean! For more details or to purchase one for your garage-visit (This item is currently on sale with code SAVEMORE, for just $9.99 -originally $14.99 )

This is a magnetic tool storage mat (aka MagMat) by Craftsman. It holds up to 20 pounds of tools! Keep your tools handy and close by. This awesome mat can even stick to the side of your car, or on the underside of your hood-within handy reach , so you can reach tools and keep them from getting lost while tearing apart that motor!
You can view more info or purchase one at

An organized garage or workspace is JUST as important as keeping your home organized & in order- a clean-organized garage will only make you want to work on projects & your vehicles more (and enjoy it too!)!
Thanks for reading,

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