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Old wood crate = new shelf | DIY Upcycle

Over the past few years I have gathered, collected and have been given numerous old wooden fruit & dry good crates. I LOVE them. They add such character to any room, and can be upcycled into many different new uses.

I don’t know what it is about old things that warms my heart, maybe it is the history that goes along with them, the fact that someone else -long ago used the item in the way it was purposed for & now I am taking that piece of history and making it my own -upcyling it so it doesn’t go in the trash, and making it useful in my own home.

There are many ways to use wood crates, I will be posting a few different ideas over time. This is just one way.

Maybe you like the idea and will do exactly as I did, or maybe it will just inspire you to do something similar-but change it a little, and make it your own. Either way-I encourage you to try to find a way to make an old wood crate useful in your home. If you don’t already have one (or some) , I first recommend checking your Grandpa’s Garage/attic/barn, if none there, check your local antique stores, flea markets, or thrift stores, if you have no luck there- check online, they are everywhere.

Project Time; >30 minutes.
Required Tools/items; Drill, 4 screws, scrap wood, Old wooden crate. {Light stain/rag if desired}
Project Cost; $0.00 (for me) or Cost of Wood crate
How To; Transform wood crate into useful shelf;

Wood box/crate before;

1.) I simply measured the crate’s width and depth, then hand-cut a piece of scrap wood with a hand saw{to give the new shelf edge a rough -cut} to the measurements of the crate to create the ‘shelf’.

2.) Next I slid the shelf inside of the crate at desired spot (you can either measure the length of the crate and mark the 1/2 way point, or make it at your desired location)

3.I then drilled 4 holes on each side of the crate -to line up with the ‘shelf’ and slightly into the new board.

4.)Next I simply screwed in 4 screws into the pre-drilled holes.

5.) Shelf is complete!!! This crate already have a hole on the back (Bottom) side of it, but if it didn’t all I would have needed to do was drill a small hole the size of the nail I would be using to hang it up on my wall.

I would still like to take a little time to lightly stain the board to give it a rustic/dirty/aged look to match the rest of the crate.

Below are 2 different display ideas I have done with my own crate. But-make it your own-maybe to display your favorite treasures, books, or photographs. I change my design/decor often & rotate items around to give my home a new, fresh look -and often rearrange along with the seasons as well.

Idea 1;

Idea 2;

You can really use wood crates for SO many things around your home-I have even hauled them along and used them on photo shoots as well. Just remember when looking at decorating your home-always think outside the box… a box that was once used primarily for a box, does not need to remain ..a box!


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