In The Garden, Reflections

This is my Spring. | Reflections of an early Spring

“Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush.” ~Doug Larson

Lucky for me, there was no slush to be found today, except I did get a muddy knee when kneeling down to pick up pine cones. But, if there was slush, my heart would still be singing a happy tune.

To me, the first day of Spring, isn’t when the calendar tells me that it is Spring. It is when I walk outside, I smell the fresh, warm air-I take a deep breath, I hear the birds, I see the robins hopping around, and I FEEL Spring in my heart.

For me, Spring started today. Spring has officially sprung, in my heart.

After some morning adventuring, I set out to tackle the lovely mess our pine tree made in our back yard over the winter months. To some, this may be a not-so-fun, dreadful task, but to me, it was heavenly.

This is the beginning of my Spring… To be able to be outside for the first time -this year- and really feel warmth from the sun, to be able to get my hands dirty and full of dirt, to be able to put my feet up with my flip flops on and take a rest and look at all I’ve accomplished…

oh wait, flip flops OFF feels even better..

To make the day even better.. my awesome son, jumped right in (without being asked) as soon as he got off the bus;

I have said time and time again, INCLUDE YOUR KIDS in everything you do! I’ve included him in SO much, that now-I don’t even need to ask, he just helps or joins in-happily.

Oh, I love days like today. I could just sit outside all night if I were able to , and just close my eyes, take a deep breath, look up at the stars (after I open my eyes again ;) ) and..breathe it all in. ahhhhhh.

{Exhaling}..Thanks for reading …When does ‘your Spring’ begin?

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