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Upcycled bathroom ladder | DIY Upcycle

Upcycled Ladder | Bathroom organization DIY

If you are anything like me, than you are likely on a budget.   Times are tough for many of us, and going out and buying new and expensive shelving and storage units aren’t always an option.   So what do we need to do to give ourselves the space we need for storage without going over our budget?!   We need to open our eyes to seeing items we already have (or can find for low cost at a thrift/antique store) in a whole new way.  We need to upcycle something old into something new that will work for us- most of the time, using an item for a purpose it was not intended for – like this ladder I hung up and turned into a bathroom storage unit for my skinny upstairs bathroom.

The idea for this project started brewing early last week, when I found an old red license plate out in our barn.  I brought it into the house knowing I wanted to create something with it.   A little bit later the same day I was cleaning my bathroom, and bothered by the fact we never have anywhere to set our little items or hang towels because of the skinny narrow shape of our bathroom.
Then…. I thought of the idea to turn the ladder on its side, and add some hooks so it will double as a shelf for small items, and as a place to hang a few towels for guests when they step out of the shower.

Here is the ladder before:

I simply nailed in two small finishing nails to attach the license plate to the ladder to give it some added character:

Next I attached two oil rubbed bronze Dragonfly hooks I purchased at Target a few years ago and found again in my project supply room today:

Final step was to hang the ladder on the wall and use!

As I had mentioned above, this is a great solution for storing smaller items like tp, lotions, makeup, and hanging towels, when you don’t have a large vanity cupboard and  a floor storage unit isn’t an option. The bathroom ladder doesn’t take up much space and doesn’t cost a ton of money!

Need or want something new in your bathroom or home?!  Take a look around your own home first, looking at everything with a new set of eyes and think ‘how can I use this differently?!’

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