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Jelly jar gifts | DIY Tips

I am always seeking new and creative ways to wrap Christmas gifts for my clients, friends and family.  Sometimes I just wander around stores looking everywhere but  the Christmas isles , in search of something different to deliver my gifts in.

This year while on my usual non wrapping paper packaging hunt in the kitchen isles at Wal Mart, I stumbled upon a 12 pack of jelly jars for around $12.00.

What a great, fun and low cost way to package up food gifts as a thank you to your favorite people.  You could really put anything small in these jars and it would look amazing.  If you even have responsible kids (who will not throw the jars or break them) you could give them some coins, small toys(think cute little dinosaurs) inside of the jars.

Simply fill with candy, treats, or items of your choice, place the cover on tightly, and finish off with a ribbon , and deliver.

Not only will your gift recipients enjoy the yummy treats inside, but they can re-use the jars in their own homes.  A low cost gift idea that doesn’t take up much space, and anyone is sure to love!
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