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Mason jar succulant | DIY Inspiration

Often times I get the ‘creative bug’ on a day I can’t go anywhere to pick up supplies for new projects, or during a time when I need to watch my budget and can’t spend any $ on extras.  So what do I do on days like that?!

I walk around my house, with my mind wide open to allow any creative ideas to flow in -and I look for supplies I can mix together to create some sort of new project.

Today as I was on my creative thinking walk around my home, I came across a big old mason jar I had found out in our woods last month, and looked at it for a while, like I had expected it to talk to me and tell me what to do with it or something ;)   Although it didn’t talk to me, I did have an idea as I looked around the room once more, mason jar in hand, when my eye stopped on a sad little Succulent plant that  I had bought over the Summer, and hadn’t done anything with-  BAM – instant idea.  Succulent + Mason Jar = new project idea for today!  Yes!  And once again, costing me $0.00 using supplies I already have around the house.

So here it is,

Ready to make your own?!   Grab the following supplies;   Mason Jar, Succulent plant,  soil, little bit of h20, ribbon/yarn if desired .

1.) Fill your mason jar with a small amount of soil. Do not use TOO much soil or your result will end up looking like a jar of dirt and your succulent will stick up out of the top of the jar. I myself, like the look of the plant IN the jar .

2.) Carefully place your succulent plant in the jar and sprinkle in some dirt all around it, shaking the jar lightly so your dirt falls down past your plant and this will help ‘plant’ your succulent in the mason jar.

3.)  Give your beautiful succulent a little drink in its new home, but not too much- succulents do not require a lot of water!

4.)  Wrap ribbon/yarn around the top of your jar for some added color/fun.

5.)  If desired you may drop in a few small rocks, simply for looks.

Simple as that!   Check your local garden centers for succulent plants, and search your local thrift and antique stores for mason jars, if you can not find any – most stores that carry kitchen supplies carry mason jars as well.

Thanks for reading,


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