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Paper bag wrapping paper | DIY Upcycle

Growing up I remember the excitement of seeing presents under the tree before Christmas.  I always liked the cool wrapping paper my mom picked out, but got a warm feeling from the wrapping paper my dad used, I always knew which presents were the ones he wrapped-which made me feel happy, because he usually wrapped them with newspaper.

So this year I am wrapping my kids presents with upcycled paper grocery bags.   When I have bought groceries the past few months I have asked for paper bags, and stored them away for this reason.

Paper Bag before:

Paper bag after:

I cut the bags up , and simply wrap the present, and decorated with a cute ribbon…

I also cut out a little piece of paper bag to use as a gift tag:


Sometimes I will also let my kids draw on the paper for a fun , from the heart look:

So this Christmas season, stock up on those paper grocery bags, save yourself some money and re-use them for wrapping paper.  I really love the natural look and having more $ in my pocket for my back road driving adventures 😉 🙂

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