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Scent of Fall | Natural home air freshener DIY

Fall is my  favorite time of year-no questions asked, no doubt, Fall wins with me as the best season.  I love exploring the woods, not only is it almost bug free,  look beautiful,  and fill my heart with happiness, but it smells so amazing to me.

I love walking outside on those crisp Fall mornings , taking a deep breath and just..breathing…it in….Ahhhhhhh!

I am one who loves the scents of Fall inside of my home, especially while I am cleaning, I always have to have a candle lit.  I love those warm, feel good scents, like apple , cinnamon, orange, pine, etc.

Today while I was cleaning, instead of lighting a candle, I tried out an old Southern trick to fill my home with that feel good scent of Fall.

Follow these super easy directions and you can try it out too!

You will need:

*Orange Peels


*Pot to boil items in



1.) Fill a pot with water and place on the stove on Medium Heat.

2.) Slice up some oranges (eat and enjoy them for a morning snack :) ) save the peels and toss them into your pot of boiling water.   I used 3 medium sized oranges.  Use however few or many you wish.

3.) Sprinkle some cinnamon into your pot of boiling water + oranges, give it a little stir.

4.)  Enjoy the heavenly scent of Fall… I had my pot boiling this morning all while cooking Apple Cake , I walked down stairs and exclaimed out loud,  “Mmmm!”  It smelled absolutely amazing.

So there you have it, a simple, easy, no fuss way of giving your home a heavenly scent and a great way to greet your guests at all of your Fall and Winter gatherings!

Enjoy & thanks for reading,


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