DIY with kids

Heart crayon Valentines Day cards | DIY with kids

Homemade gifts are the best.   They speak volumes, are unique,  and let someone know that you care and were thinking of them.

When my son was 4 (he is now 8)  and in 4K, I wanted to start the tradition of making homemade Valentines Day cards every year vs. buying the pre-made ones you can find at almost every store.     Now my daughter is 4 and in 4k herself, and we decided today would be a great day to create Crayon heart Valentines Day cards for her class!

They are very easy to create, and I spent under $15.00 to create them, which comes to a total of less than $1.00 per card/per child.

Grab those broken crayons my friends, and let’s get crafting!


Crayon heart Valentines Day cards | DIY

Supplies Needed:

*Broken Crayons

*Silicone heart mold (purchase at almost any store, I found mine at JoAnn Fabrics Store for around $10)

*Silver glitter (if desired)

*Black Sharpie marker



1.) Gather enough crayons to fill enough heart mold with about 4 small broken crayon pieces.  (amount will depend on how many cards you need to make)

2.) Peel all wrappers off of the crayons.  This part takes a while, so involve your kids and ask them to help!



3.) Sprinkle a bit of silver glitter in the bottom of each heart in the mold.


4.) Place about 4 small broken crayon pieces in each heart in the mold.


5.) Place silicone mold on a cookie sheet (this will make it easier to remove from the oven when done)

6.) Bake in oven for 15 minutes at 300 degrees.

7.) Allow crayons to cool completely .  Be patient , I know the waiting step is always hard in any project!  Once the crayons are 100% cool, carefully remove them from the silicone mold.




8.) Cut out hearts from construction paper, or use foam heart shapes like I found at Jo-Ann Fabrics Store.


9.) Write a sweet Valentines Day message on each card, like ‘ You color my world Valentine!’

9.) Using packaging tape, apply each crayon heart to a heart card.




10.) Deliver to the lucky recipients!


I hope you all enjoyed this easy craft project!   It is a fun one to include your kids with and encourages less candy and more creativity on one of the biggest sweet filled holidays!

Thanks for reading,


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