Sharpie Mugs | DIY Inspiration

DIY Sharpie mugs are a fun gift idea !  You can customize your mug with any quote, saying or design.  Make it completely you!   They would make awesome containers for your random items, keys, coins, paperclips on your desk, or even your jewelry on your dresser.   The ideas are completely endless.  Read below to see how you can create your very own DIY Sharpie mug!

DIY Sharpie Mugs


Supplies Needed:


* Black SHARPIE Paint Marker

*White Mugs/Cups (You can find them at The Dollar Tree for $1.00 each!)


1.)  Clean mug well & remove all stickers from the store.


2.)  Practice your design/quote on a piece of paper first.

3.)  Draw on your design.  No need to be perfect, the art of handwriting adds unique character to your mug.

4.)  Place completed mugs on cookie sheet.

5.) Bake mugs in Oven for 1 hour at 350 degrees.

6.) Let completely cool before touching.

These mugs make great gifts, and because of the delicate artwork, they would be best to use as a container for loose change or paperclips on your desk, or pile in your jewelry on your dresser in several different mugs.  The possibilities are endless.

Important Note: You may use these as drinking mugs, but please understand the Sharpie design will not survive in the dishwasher.  If hand washing, use only the soft side of your sponge and be very gentle.  If your design starts to come off from touching or washing etc., just re-apply and cook again!





Make sure to let your kids scribble or draw their own monster design as well 😉


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