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Oh Christmas Tree | DIY Vintage Christmas decor

I simply just love this time of year, December is one of my favorite months.  I love the Christmas spirit, I am so thankful for my Savior,  and love everything that comes along with this time of year!

This year, we decided to finally get a real Christmas tree from a small, local place in Caryville, Wisconsin.   I didn’t want just any old Christmas tree stand and skirt, so I looked around my house to see what I could come up with, and, below you will see the final results of my creativity this Christmas, I hope you enjoy!




I used an old potato bin to place the Christmas tree in, the tree stand fit right inside of it , so it worked out great.   The front of the bin, was a bit plain for me, so I looked around for something to place on it, and came across my Grandpa’s old fold up tape measure, shaped it into a star and hung it from the front of the potato bin.  I think it adds the perfect touch.

I wasn’t going to add a tree skirt, but the more I looked at it, the more I decided, it really needed one, every tree does!  I didn’t have one in the house, and didn’t want to go spend money on one, so I looked around again , with my creative eyes all ready to turn anything into a tree skirt, when I came across a new paint drop cloth, and instantly knew, I had a new tree skirt!





What is a Christmas tree without some cute little vintage trucks tucked underneath it?!  I love old trucks, (real ones and toy ones 😉 )




I hope you enjoyed my Christmas tree photos !   I will be posting several other junk related Christmas decor ideas over the next week, so make sure you Follow my blog by clicking the ‘Follow’ button on the right column near the top.   You can also follow and like Endless Acres Farmtiques on Facebook & Twitter.

Have a beautiful weekend everyone & remember to keep your eyes open to upcycling, reusing, and seeing things in a different way.  There is art everywhere you look,  once you start seeing things differently, you will be opened up to a whole new wonderful world of Upcycling!





Thanks for reading & Merry Christmas,



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