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Upcycled Junk Christmas Tree | DIY Upcycle

Junk Tree by Endless Acres Farmtiques

Last week while browsing around some of my favorite DIY Blogs, I came across a wonderful junk tree over at Beyond The Picket Fence and was inspired to create my own!   I set out to the machine shed to dig up some wood pieces, for the backing , I also grabbed two smaller pieces of scrap wood to hold the pieces of barn board together.   I simply nailed in the two smaller boards at the top and bottom of the barn board pieces, in 4 different places for a good hold.

Junk Tree by Endless Acres Farmtiques

I laid out all of my salvaged tools & items that I found while rummaging around my own ‘junk’ piles & at a local Flea Market.  I used the same small nails to hold the items in place.  Note, that I did not have to nail through any of the tools, if you look close you can see I just used the nails to hold up, or anchor the items.










I love how my junk tree turned out, and it is now happily hanging in my living room, ready to greet my Christmas guests with its unique charm and history.      The barn board came from a barn in Southern Wisconsin that was built in 1888 &  was recently torn down.  I really enjoy upcycling and repurposing old junk, and barn boards  as well.   There is something so special to me, to look at something I created , and to have that something give me a warm feeling and fill my heart with joy knowing that I in my own little way brought the junk and barn boards back to life, if even just for a little while longer.



Junk Tree by Endless Acres Farmtiques

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Have a beautiful day everyone, thanks for reading!


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