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Rustic Explore sign | DIY inspiration

“We must go beyond textbooks, go out into the bypaths and untrodden depths of the wilderness and travel and explore and tell the world the glories of our journey.” ~ John Hope Franklin


The other day, my adventurous 9 year old son asked for a sign to put in his room that said “EXPLORE” .   I didn’t really think too much about it, until I woke up this morning and an idea hit me, idea that thankfully came with a huge load of motivation and inspiration at 8:00 a.m.    I bundled up and went out to the machine shed to dig out some supplies to create him a sign for his bedroom.   Then, as usual in the winter months, I successfully turned my dining room into a messy workshop.

Below are the steps I took to create a rustic ‘Explore’ sign & how you can create one too!

1.)   Gather supplies; Barn board, yard sticks, paint, paint brush, Minwax clear water-based satin polyurethane, Minwax stain polyshades (in desired shade, I chose ‘Antique Walnut’), small wire nails, & hammer.

2.) I used small gold1/2″  wire nails that were from my Grandpas garage to attach the yardsticks onto the barn board.  I turned a few of the yard sticks upside down to give it a not so perfect look.  Just the fact that I am using something , even as small as nails, that were a part of my Grandfather, makes my heart happy and feel like I am still remembering him and keeping his memory alive through some of my projects.

Rustic Explore sign

3.)  Apply Minwax clear water-based polyurethane Satin finish,  over entire piece, including barn board and yard sticks.   By adding the poly over the yard sticks, it will allow the stain to stay on top of wood yard sticks, instead of soaking into the wood.

Rustic Explore sign

4.) Once the poly is dry, take black paint, and your paint brush and slowly letter the words ‘EXPLORE’ as evenly as possible onto the yard sicks.  This part took me the longest, but patience is key when doing hand lettering and it helped that I was painting on yard sticks, so my letters were easily evenly spaced apart.  I reapplied the black paint over the letters 2 times, and the second time I made the letters twice as thick/wide.

Rustic Explore sign

4.)  After the black paint is dry.  Take a brush and apply 2 coats of stain in your color of choice.   Adding stain gives the entire piece a nice aged look and really pulls it all together nicely.

Rustic Explore sign


Rustic Explore sign

Below is the finished piece in my sons room, Eventually I will add hanging brackets and hang it up on his room, but for now, it will sit on his shelf , and remind him that he should always explore, get outdoors and see the beauty this world has to offer!




Rustic Explore sign

There you have it friends!   I completed this sign in about 2 hours, for under $20 and I believe that you can do it too!  If this seems like something you’d like in your home, but you don’t quite have the motivation to pull it off, I am always open to custom requests for many projects I complete like this one.

Have a beautiful evening and thanks for taking a few minutes out of your day to be here on this blog with me tonight!



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Rope Dresser Transformation | Furniture Revival


Today I woke up with a huge burst of motivation.  So I ran with it.  I completed 5 somewhat simple furniture transformations between 8am and 4pm.   All of todays projects were completely spontaneous, I just wandered around the house and basement looking for items to re-do and had them all out at once, jumping from one project to the other as paint dried and continued on like that for the whole day.

Now my feet are up, Im eating pretzels and drinking a big glass of chocolate milk.   A well deserved little rest before I must jump into mother mode when my kids get home from school!

This dresser was purchased several years ago, it was originally a light brown, but was in bad condition, I had painted a quick coat of white paint over it last year, and it has been sitting in my daughters room ever since.    Today it was begging me to give it a new look, so I did!

I sanded down the entire dresser, drilled new holes in the drawers to fit the rope pulls, and painted in relaxing a grey-blue.

Below are the before & after photos, enjoy!

Dresser Before;

Rope dresser before

Dresser After;

Rope dresser transformation

Rope dresser transformation

Rope dresser transformation

This dresser is ready for its new home (could it be yours?!)  for $150.00  If you are interested in purchasing, please contact Kelly at

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From blah to bold desk makeover | Furniture Revival

“Laugh at yourself, but don’t ever aim your doubt at yourself. Be bold. When you embark for strange places, don’t leave any of yourself safely on shore. Have the nerve to go into unexplored territory.” -Alan Alda

When I started my Farmtiques business, I said a prayer, mostly giving it all to the Lord, asking for his blessing on it, and to help me to continue to praise him in my projects and to guide my hands as I work.    I feel since I ‘gave my business over to God’ that he has blessed it greatly.   Just like in my photography business, where I pray before each photo shoot or adventure, before I start a project… I pray.   By doing this I feel that it allows me to focus on him and that I am working for him in all things I do in my life, whether at home, or on a project for someone else.

As I transform pieces of furniture and work on projects, I also continue to feel Gods presence and a peaceful feeling in  my heart, that this is what I am meant to be doing.    I hope a lot of you see the passion , love and labor  that goes into my projects and that each piece is a unique piece of heart.

This week on Tuesday , the green desk I transformed sold at The Living Room Coffee House in Eau Claire, WI.  As soon as I heard it had sold, I went searching for a new project, and found a new ‘victim’ within 10 minutes of looking!   It was a blond colored straight lined wood desk that was begging for my attention across the thrift room floor, by showing off its retro style legs while the rest of the desk was hidden amongst chairs.   Here it is once I cleared it out.    It needed some work, but I knew I was up for the challenge.

The day I got the dresser home, I got slammed with a bad cold (again..come on Spring!).  It was killing me that I was down for the count, and had zero energy to move and start working on the desk.   I saw it sitting there as I was curled up under my down blanket taunting me.   The next day, still sick, I couldn’t take it any more, and started working on it, I got wore out fast, but it also helped keep my mind off of being sick.  Thankfully today I am feeling much better and finished the desk makeover!

Below is a list of how I revived this regular desk into a beautiful bold desk;

-Sanded entire desk

-Repaired back of desk with small finishing nails

-Spray painted feet of desk with Rust Oleum’s hammered spray paint

-Stained the top and the drawers of the desk and the legs of the desk with Minwax Stain + Polyurethane, Satin,  in ‘Antique Walnut’ .

-Primed & Painted the rest of the desk in ‘Sunstraw’ yellow.

-Lightly stained over the yellow with ‘Antique Walnut’ by Minwax.

-Cleaned & lined the drawers with Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin maps.

-Drilled larger holes for new pulls.  & added new pulls.

-Personalized the back with an inspiring quote + signature .

Below are after photos of this bold desk makeover, enjoy!

This one of a kind desk will be on display and for sale at The Living Room Coffee House at 2006 Cameron Street in Eau Claire, Wi after February 25th.  If you are interested in purchasing this desk, you may purchase at the coffee house or contact Kelly at    Desk price : $150.

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Tranquil Dresser Transformation | Furniture Revival

“The more tranquil a man becomes, the greater is his success, his influence, his power for good. Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom.” ~ James Allen

I love being by the waters edge.  If you know me well, you know that I am always going, always working on something, driving the back roads, or getting my hands dirty on some project.  There are a few things in life that will slow me down, and bring a sense of  peace to my mind, and water is one of them.  I could waste an entire day laying by a lake, or walking beside a creek.   There is something so serene and calming to my heart when I am around water in nature, in some ways it makes me feel so connected to God , and I love that feeling of contentment and tranquility in my heart.

My love for water, especially Lake Superior, has formed my love for shades of blues and greens, whether its on vintage cars, or in decor in my home, like this tranquil dresser transformation I worked on yesterday.

The color is called ‘Dinner Mint’ but I really think it deserves a better name, like ‘Beach Glass’ or ‘By the Sea’ , but unfortunately I don’t name paints, I just use them. 😉

For this project, I did the following:

-Sanded, primed and painted the dresser

-Lightly stained the dresser

-Added a coat of polyurethane

-Spray painted the original dresser pulls in a hammered oil rubbed bronze spray paint from RustOleum

Dresser& drawer pulls  before;



This dresser for be for sale at The Shabby Shed Boutique in Bloomer, Wisconsin after February 24th.
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Potato Bin End Tables | DIY Upcycle

Have you ever had an ah-ha moment?!  As an artist and entrepreneur, I find myself getting several… every single day.   How do I know which ones to take seriously and which ones to let go?!   That is the hard part.  This can sometimes be overwhelming for many artists and entrepreneurs, but that is where focus and vision come into play.   If I gave in to every single idea I had, I would either be A.) completely broke B.) completely tired or C.) go completely insane.    I don’t want to be any 3 of those!  I want to continue to love what I do.  So, if I get an idea and I can’t make it happen right away, I will write it down in a notebook and sometimes, the idea never travels further than between the lines on a white piece of paper, but for me, that is enough, and I have come to be okay with that,  for most ideas.   Sometimes I will come back to an idea 1 year later and make it happen as well.    Then sometimes, there is an idea , or an ah-ha moment like I mentioned above, that I see so clearly in my head, that I have to jump up at that exact moment and make it happen.   These potato bin end tables, are one of those ideas.

Potato Bin End tables

I have had these old wood potato bins for about a year, they have traveled to two different homes with me as I’ve moved, and have been used in about 6 different rooms for different purposes, like shoe boxes in the porch, stacked 2 high for shelving in my daughters room, set next to each other to make a bench,  put together for a coffee table in the basement, or filled with toys.   None of those ideas, although neat, felt like they were how the bins were to be given a new life.   They were meant for something more.

I took the bins and jumped into a project the day after the idea was visualized in my head.

Potato Bin End Tables

I stripped the old paint off of the back side of the bins, which would now be the top part of the end tables.

Potato Bin End Tables

Potato Bin End Tables

Potato Bin End Tables

Once most of the paint was stripped, I sanded down the tops so they were smooth.

Potato Bin End Tables

I painted the bins in a beautiful green, called ‘Preppy Green’ (the same green I also recently used on a desk makeover ) ,

Potato Bin End Tables

Next, I used a brown stain + polyurethane from Minwax , called Minwax Polyshades in Espresso brown to lightly go over every side of the bins.  This worked great as the stain stuck in all of the imperfections of the bin, showing off  their age and history and giving them a more antique look.    I stained the new tops of the bins with 2 coats of the same stain to give them a unified look and make them be viewable as actual end tables, not just potato bins, and for a bit of sophistication.

I am completely happy with how they turned out, and even more ecstatic that the vision I saw so clearly in my head, is now in my living room and I can look at them every day, knowing I DID IT and I brought my vision to life!

Below are the after photos,  I hope you like them as much as I do!

Potato Bin End Tables

Potato Bin End Tables

Potato Bin End Tables

Potato Bin End Tables

Potato Bin End Tables

Potato Bin End Tables

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Green desk makeover | Furniture Revival

I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples. ~ Mother Teresa


I love living life spontaneously.  I have met more people, found more beautiful places, and lived a more joyful life by being free spirited and able to go with the flow.   On Sunday my family and I ventured over to St Paul, Minnesota for dinner and on the way I decided last minute that I wanted to swing into a thrift store to look at furniture, because I had that ‘ I really need to work on something’ feeling!   I came across this white desk buried amongst other random items, and as soon as I saw it, it was love at first sight, I instantly saw what I would do with it when my eyes came across it in the thrift store.

As silly as it sounds, I had a hard time falling asleep that night because I was so excited to get my hands on this desk and dig into a new project!  I woke up early yesterday and started on it, and finished by midnight!   This was the first big furniture revival project I have completed in one day, start to finish, which left me feeling really accomplished, motivated for the next project ..and really tired!

This desk & black chair will be on display and for sale at The Living Room Coffee House, located on Cameron Street in Eau Claire, Wisconsin , I will be delivering it on Wednesday February 5th.

I decided to give this desk a whole different feel that the original white and gold , and make it more masculine vs. feminine.  By doing that I was stepping myself outside of my comfort zone, of my typical ‘painting curvy pieces with feminine colors’ and also giving myself a little challenge, to see if I could pull it off!

 How I revived this piece of furniture:

– Sanded

– 2 coats of  ‘Preppy Green’ Paint

– 2 soft layers of black stain + polyurethane

– Drilled holes for pulls & added different drawer pulls, originally off of antique dresser

-Map lined drawers

-1963 rustic Wisconsin Farm license plate bolted into the side of the desk

-Signed on the back + a quote (my own extra little touch I place on my furniture pieces)

-Black chair is painted with Rustoleum metallic accents paint with a light layer of black stain + polyurethane.

Here are the results from a long day of reviving this beautiful old desk! :


Green desk makeover

Green desk makeover

Green desk makeover

Green desk makeover

  Green desk makeover

Green desk makeover

Green desk makeover

Green desk makeover

Green desk makeover

I hope you enjoyed my latest furniture revival project!   If you are interested in purchasing this desk & chair combo, you can contact Kelly via email at  or view it at  The Living Room Coffee House in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  Desk Price = $150.00

If you have any questions or have a piece of furniture you would like me to makeover, shoot me an email!  You can also follow Endless Acres Farmtiques on Facebook & Twitter.

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Partner products used in this blog post;

If you are interested in a metal horseshoe art flower, as seen on top of the desk, you can contact me as well to purchase.  You can like & see more metal art creations like the flower over at  Roosters Creations on Facebook.