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Junk style bird bath. Endless Acres Farmtiques


Yesterday my 5 year old daughter , asked me if I could build her a bird wash.  My automatic response, being a mom who thinks she can do it all 😉 , was ‘Yes I can!”  I said that with no plan in my head.  I told her to go put on her boots, then grabbed her sweet precious hand and we marched on out to the chicken coop which is where I stash all of my random junk and supplies for creating and building.   We  found an old metal stool, a round white enamel bowl, and a rusty old Farmers Union grease can with the top cut off.

We carried them all out, and started placing them together, and sure enough in just a few minutes, we had what looked like a (junky style) bird bath!
She then told me that she thought it should have a sign that says ‘Bird Wash’ so the birds know what it is!  So I grabbed an old board I found in my wood stash, and some red paint, and asked her how much she wanted the bird bath to be, 10 cents, 15 cents, or 25 cents, and her response was “Whatever money is the biggest!”  So, 25 cents for a bird wash it was!  To attach the sign, I simply drilled two holes (one on each end) into the board, placed flexible black wire through the holes and tied it around a stool leg.

Once all assembled, we took a few photos, and placed her new bird wash under the apple tree, next to the rusty red tricycle which serves as the bird feeder with an enamel tray full of bird food that rests on the tricycle, both placed where we can watch the birds eat and enjoy the new bird wash out the kitchen window.

It was so fun to help my daughter bring her idea to life, and show her that with a little bit of creativity, her ideas can come alive, and that each idea can be beautiful in it’s own way, and even better, it doesn’t always have to cost a lot of money!    I think I succeeded in making her happy, except I wasn’t able to put in a scrubber or an engine for the bird bath like she asked for 😉 , but overall , she is happy, and that was my end goal!

She helped me paint on a top coat of poly on the wood sign, and was as proud as can be when she was finished, she stepped back and said “Look mommy, I did that!”

Here is her wonderful idea of a bird wash that we created together, costing us only a few dollars in supplies that we already had,( but $0.00 on the day of building) :


junk style bird bath. Endless Acres Farmtiques


junk style bird bath. Endless Acres Farmtiques


junk style bird bath. Endless Acres Farmtiques


junk style bird bath. Endless Acres Farmtiques


junk style bird bath. Endless Acres Farmtiques

So tell me everyone, what do you think?  Do you think she likes it?

junk style bird bath. Endless Acres Farmtiques


junk style bird bath. Endless Acres Farmtiques

I just love creating spontaneously!  It makes my soul happy and makes me even more satisfied with a spontaneous project when it is something that I created, with my children.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday, make sure that you are following Endless Acres Farmtiques on Facebook to keep up with my latest projects and for a daily dose of inspiration!

Thanks for reading,


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