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Industrial pipe corner book shelf DIY

Of all of the rooms in our house, at this point, our 10 year old sons room is my favorite. It is the ‘showcase’ of
what I do, of my projects, and of the style that I truly love.     The style of his room is so great, that it will grow with him all of the way through his teen years, without having to change a thing.

One of my most recent projects is another unique way to give our sons room storage and a bit of rustic , industrial character.  With my wonderful husbands help, we created an industrial corner pipe shelf which holds books, and whatever else our son can balance on the pipes!    Eventually I will have a pipe shelf in the 2 corners of his room that surround the window, along with a cool curtain rod I will be creating as well!  (Stay tuned for that project over the winter months).

Read on below to see how you too can create an awesome industrial pipe corner book shelf!  It is simple, and only takes as much time as it does to eat mac n cheese.   (unless you eat slow, like my daughter, then it takes as much time as it does to eat a pb&j).

Industrial Corner Pipe Bookshelf 

(please note, you can create any size or shape of shelf for your space.   All you need to do is purchase different size pipes to create the look you want.  Below is a list of what I used to create the shelf shown in this blog post.)


-2 circular pipe flanges

-8 wood screws

-2 threaded pipe ends (1″ diameter)

-8 10″ threaded pipes (1″ diameter)

-2 threaded  t-pipes (1″ diameter)

-8 corner pipes (1″ diameter)

-8 90 degree pipe elbows (1″ diameter)

-2 3″ industrial threaded pipes


  • Hand Drill
  • Drill bit
  • Pencil
  • Stud Finder
  • Screw Driver (if desired)
  • Extra helper (like a husband or friend)


  1. Use a stud finder to locate a stud on the wall you wish to have your pipe shelf. (if you can not locate a stud, I suggest using anchors prior to placing your screws in the wall) If you do not have a stud finder, you may find a basic one at just about any local hardware store for under $20.00. Your stud finder will come with directions on how to use properly.
  2. Hold the top flange on the wall where you have located a stud. Use the pencil to mark the 4 circles where you will be inserting the screws.
  3. Have your helper hold up the flange, lining up the pilot holes with the 4 you drilled into the wall. Using your hand drill or screwdriver, screw in the 4 wood screws, holding the flange in place. Repeat this for the bottom flange as well. Make sure to measure, and lay out the pipe design that you would like, before attaching both flanges to the wall.
  4. Place the 2 threaded pipe ends on top of each T near the top and bottom, as seen in photo.


6.) Attach the pipes in the order you would like them.  Place an elbow wherever you would like the shelf to have a turn up or down.  Start by screwing the T shaped pipe into the first flange you installed.  Continue threading pipes and elbows in whatever design you desire to have.


7.) Place books on shelf. It works best to put a larger book on the bottom if you are stacking them on top of eachother, this helps balance the books.

8.) Sit back, and relax!  Take some time to admire your work!

Extra Tip:  If you would like the pipes to have some patina/rust, soak them in water overnight prior to attaching to the wall.









I hope you enjoyed reading about my latest DIY project and leave feeling inspired to take on a similar project in your own home!   Keep on believing in yourself and what you are capable of!   If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below!    As always, you can follow and connect with Endless Acres Farmtiques on Facebook & Twitter!


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