DIY Inspiration

Planted Toads

“The earth has music, for those who listen.”

Remember, my last blog post featuring Planted Trucks?   My truck planters are doing amazingly well and flowers are even starting to bloom on some of the succulents!    The little trucks grace the front steps of our old farm house and greet visitors with their rustic charm.

Last weekend I was doing my regular Saturday morning coffee on the step and watering flowers routine, when I went to give the truck planters just a sprinkle of water- and noticed something else had planted itself in one of my planters!
I even watered that new little something, before I saw it was tucked inside the side of the rusty old fire truck next to the succulent plants.

Thankfully, I have also been a lover of frogs and toads since I was a little girl.  I have many fond memories of carrying frogs home in a bucket from our neighborhood pond.   I still take time to catch them while landscaping around my yard and while at work, and take a few moments to study their irregular beauty.

I wanted to share this with you today, to remind you- there is always, always, always surprises and beauty and things worth smiling at, planted all over our lives, every single day.   Take the time to notice.

Thanks for reading,

xoxo, Kelly

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