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September 1st booth update!

Happy September friends!

This is one of my favorite months!  I am absolutely head over heels in love with Fall and everything about it. The smells, the colors, the cozy hooded sweatshirts and warm bonfires.

I spent almost three hours today (yes , you read that right, 3!) sprucing up my booth at The Shed in Altoona!  I added a new Endless Acres Farmtiques sign that I put together yesterday and tucked in some Fall  items along with plenty of other awesome vintage goods, quote bracelets, home decor and so much more!   I may have a small 8 foot by 8 foot booth, but if you take your time when your in there, and look around into every nook , you are sure to find some great treasures that will help make your house feel more like home!

I must also add, that I have the most patient 9 year old daughter in the entire world. She came with me today and sat on a little vintage wood chair the entire time I was working in my booth, without a peep. God has blessed us with such amazing children! On occasion she will help me decorate and stage items in my booth, but today was a big work day, where I took everything out, and did a lot of rearranging before putting items back in!

I overheard someone walking by say that they used to have a booth at The Shed and they stopped doing it, because it was too much work.  It IS a lot of work to have a booth in an antique mall!  It is a commitment, you can not just set your stuff in there once and be good for the year, or even for the month.  Stuff is continually being purchased, moved, messed up, sometimes even trash gets set inside of your cups for sale (Yes this has happened, and yes it made me sad, please respect other peoples booths!), and it is a lot of work curating goods and creating goods as well, but you know what?  I wouldn’t do it unless I absolutely loved it, and I do !  It is a complete passion of mine to find items, make items, stage items and to know that they made someone else smile warms my heart!

I appreciate each person that goes out of their way and makes time in their schedule to check out my booth!  If you are one of those people, thank you!  You are helping to support my dream and my amazing family of four (+ chickens and a dog.)

Below are a few photos I snapped on my phone today, take a look and enjoy!

This gives you a little bit of a preview of what you can find in my booth, but certainly not all! There are so many little items tucked into different spaces that I can’t begin to take photos of everything, and it is guaranteed to change within 5-7 days with items sold, moved, and more items added, so as always, check back often!

I start helping the kids this coming Tuesday in online school at home, so I am going to try to manage my time the best that I can and keep up with updating both my booth and blog, but just know if I vanish for a little bit of time, that we are just settling into the new school year!

You can visit my booth 7 days a week at The Shed in Altoona, Wisconsin at 1519  Mayer Road.  I am booth # 56 in the new addition (just look for my Endless Acres Farmtiques sign and wood shiplap walls!).

I recently just opened my Etsy store back up as well and will continue to sell smaller items on there too!

Come see me on Facebook and make sure to like, click Follow and hit the ‘See First’ to be certain that I show up in your news feed!


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