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Potato Sack Ottoman

“The seeker embarks on a journey to find what he wants, and discovers, along the way, what he needs.”

Two weeks ago I came across a great little ottoman at Hope Gospel Mission Bargain Center in Eau Claire, Wi for $3.00!  After my employee discount the total came to around $2.80! What a deal! (p.s. a tip for shopping there, if you are 50+, on Tuesdays you can save 20% off your entire purchase ! )

I just loved the style of this ottoman and knew it was a piece of furniture that I could breathe new life into.  Below is what the ottoman looked like as I found it at the Bargain Center, and what was underneath that dirty green fabric!

I let it sit in my living room for a few days, where I could see it, and try to figure out a plan for it. I kept going back and forth between giving it a light beach cottage feel, or a Western rustic style.

As I looked around my home to see what I had for material to cover the top of it, I came across an old potato sack that I found last year at Oronoco Gold Rush Days, where I went on a hunt for anything that had a Western design or feel to it.
The potato sack was dirty and had stains all over it, that discouraged me a bit, but then I discovered that I could simply just wash the stains out!

Below are photos of the potato sack getting a bath.  I simply filled the bath tub with warm water and a bit of laundry detergent and gave it a good 10 minute soak, then scrubbed gently with a scrub brush in the areas that it had dirt stains, wrung it out, then hung it out on the clothesline to dry over night!


Once the potato sack was fully dry, I cut it open along the seams on the side and bottom, laid it out on the floor, image side down, set the ottoman upside down on top it it and cut a circle about 4+ inches bigger than the ottoman, so I would have enough material to go over the sides, and underneath the ottoman where I then secured it with staples, using a Staple Gun.    After the potato sack was secured, I then painted the legs red and topped them off with Minwax Polyshades stain + poly, and it was finished!

This was a really fun and easy project and the great part is that if I decide I want a different style, it is simple to removed the potato sack and recover the ottoman!  But for now, it looks right at home in our old farmhouse.

I hope this blog post has inspired you to see beyond what something IS and to see what it’s potential can be!

Have a beautiful Sunday, get outside and enjoy the sunshine!

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DIY Decor, DIY Inspiration, DIY on a budget, DIY Organization, DIY Tips

Industrial pipe corner book shelf DIY

Of all of the rooms in our house, at this point, our 10 year old sons room is my favorite. It is the ‘showcase’ of
what I do, of my projects, and of the style that I truly love.     The style of his room is so great, that it will grow with him all of the way through his teen years, without having to change a thing.

One of my most recent projects is another unique way to give our sons room storage and a bit of rustic , industrial character.  With my wonderful husbands help, we created an industrial corner pipe shelf which holds books, and whatever else our son can balance on the pipes!    Eventually I will have a pipe shelf in the 2 corners of his room that surround the window, along with a cool curtain rod I will be creating as well!  (Stay tuned for that project over the winter months).

Read on below to see how you too can create an awesome industrial pipe corner book shelf!  It is simple, and only takes as much time as it does to eat mac n cheese.   (unless you eat slow, like my daughter, then it takes as much time as it does to eat a pb&j).

Industrial Corner Pipe Bookshelf 

(please note, you can create any size or shape of shelf for your space.   All you need to do is purchase different size pipes to create the look you want.  Below is a list of what I used to create the shelf shown in this blog post.)


-2 circular pipe flanges

-8 wood screws

-2 threaded pipe ends (1″ diameter)

-8 10″ threaded pipes (1″ diameter)

-2 threaded  t-pipes (1″ diameter)

-8 corner pipes (1″ diameter)

-8 90 degree pipe elbows (1″ diameter)

-2 3″ industrial threaded pipes


  • Hand Drill
  • Drill bit
  • Pencil
  • Stud Finder
  • Screw Driver (if desired)
  • Extra helper (like a husband or friend)


  1. Use a stud finder to locate a stud on the wall you wish to have your pipe shelf. (if you can not locate a stud, I suggest using anchors prior to placing your screws in the wall) If you do not have a stud finder, you may find a basic one at just about any local hardware store for under $20.00. Your stud finder will come with directions on how to use properly.
  2. Hold the top flange on the wall where you have located a stud. Use the pencil to mark the 4 circles where you will be inserting the screws.
  3. Have your helper hold up the flange, lining up the pilot holes with the 4 you drilled into the wall. Using your hand drill or screwdriver, screw in the 4 wood screws, holding the flange in place. Repeat this for the bottom flange as well. Make sure to measure, and lay out the pipe design that you would like, before attaching both flanges to the wall.
  4. Place the 2 threaded pipe ends on top of each T near the top and bottom, as seen in photo.


6.) Attach the pipes in the order you would like them.  Place an elbow wherever you would like the shelf to have a turn up or down.  Start by screwing the T shaped pipe into the first flange you installed.  Continue threading pipes and elbows in whatever design you desire to have.


7.) Place books on shelf. It works best to put a larger book on the bottom if you are stacking them on top of eachother, this helps balance the books.

8.) Sit back, and relax!  Take some time to admire your work!

Extra Tip:  If you would like the pipes to have some patina/rust, soak them in water overnight prior to attaching to the wall.









I hope you enjoyed reading about my latest DIY project and leave feeling inspired to take on a similar project in your own home!   Keep on believing in yourself and what you are capable of!   If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below!    As always, you can follow and connect with Endless Acres Farmtiques on Facebook & Twitter!


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Potato Bin End Tables | DIY Upcycle

Have you ever had an ah-ha moment?!  As an artist and entrepreneur, I find myself getting several… every single day.   How do I know which ones to take seriously and which ones to let go?!   That is the hard part.  This can sometimes be overwhelming for many artists and entrepreneurs, but that is where focus and vision come into play.   If I gave in to every single idea I had, I would either be A.) completely broke B.) completely tired or C.) go completely insane.    I don’t want to be any 3 of those!  I want to continue to love what I do.  So, if I get an idea and I can’t make it happen right away, I will write it down in a notebook and sometimes, the idea never travels further than between the lines on a white piece of paper, but for me, that is enough, and I have come to be okay with that,  for most ideas.   Sometimes I will come back to an idea 1 year later and make it happen as well.    Then sometimes, there is an idea , or an ah-ha moment like I mentioned above, that I see so clearly in my head, that I have to jump up at that exact moment and make it happen.   These potato bin end tables, are one of those ideas.

Potato Bin End tables

I have had these old wood potato bins for about a year, they have traveled to two different homes with me as I’ve moved, and have been used in about 6 different rooms for different purposes, like shoe boxes in the porch, stacked 2 high for shelving in my daughters room, set next to each other to make a bench,  put together for a coffee table in the basement, or filled with toys.   None of those ideas, although neat, felt like they were how the bins were to be given a new life.   They were meant for something more.

I took the bins and jumped into a project the day after the idea was visualized in my head.

Potato Bin End Tables

I stripped the old paint off of the back side of the bins, which would now be the top part of the end tables.

Potato Bin End Tables

Potato Bin End Tables

Potato Bin End Tables

Once most of the paint was stripped, I sanded down the tops so they were smooth.

Potato Bin End Tables

I painted the bins in a beautiful green, called ‘Preppy Green’ (the same green I also recently used on a desk makeover ) ,

Potato Bin End Tables

Next, I used a brown stain + polyurethane from Minwax , called Minwax Polyshades in Espresso brown to lightly go over every side of the bins.  This worked great as the stain stuck in all of the imperfections of the bin, showing off  their age and history and giving them a more antique look.    I stained the new tops of the bins with 2 coats of the same stain to give them a unified look and make them be viewable as actual end tables, not just potato bins, and for a bit of sophistication.

I am completely happy with how they turned out, and even more ecstatic that the vision I saw so clearly in my head, is now in my living room and I can look at them every day, knowing I DID IT and I brought my vision to life!

Below are the after photos,  I hope you like them as much as I do!

Potato Bin End Tables

Potato Bin End Tables

Potato Bin End Tables

Potato Bin End Tables

Potato Bin End Tables

Potato Bin End Tables

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Oh Christmas Tree | DIY Vintage Christmas decor

I simply just love this time of year, December is one of my favorite months.  I love the Christmas spirit, I am so thankful for my Savior,  and love everything that comes along with this time of year!

This year, we decided to finally get a real Christmas tree from a small, local place in Caryville, Wisconsin.   I didn’t want just any old Christmas tree stand and skirt, so I looked around my house to see what I could come up with, and, below you will see the final results of my creativity this Christmas, I hope you enjoy!




I used an old potato bin to place the Christmas tree in, the tree stand fit right inside of it , so it worked out great.   The front of the bin, was a bit plain for me, so I looked around for something to place on it, and came across my Grandpa’s old fold up tape measure, shaped it into a star and hung it from the front of the potato bin.  I think it adds the perfect touch.

I wasn’t going to add a tree skirt, but the more I looked at it, the more I decided, it really needed one, every tree does!  I didn’t have one in the house, and didn’t want to go spend money on one, so I looked around again , with my creative eyes all ready to turn anything into a tree skirt, when I came across a new paint drop cloth, and instantly knew, I had a new tree skirt!





What is a Christmas tree without some cute little vintage trucks tucked underneath it?!  I love old trucks, (real ones and toy ones 😉 )




I hope you enjoyed my Christmas tree photos !   I will be posting several other junk related Christmas decor ideas over the next week, so make sure you Follow my blog by clicking the ‘Follow’ button on the right column near the top.   You can also follow and like Endless Acres Farmtiques on Facebook & Twitter.

Have a beautiful weekend everyone & remember to keep your eyes open to upcycling, reusing, and seeing things in a different way.  There is art everywhere you look,  once you start seeing things differently, you will be opened up to a whole new wonderful world of Upcycling!





Thanks for reading & Merry Christmas,



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Corner ladder shelf | DIY Upcycle

“No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist.” ~ Oscar Wilde

There are days when I just get a huge burst of motivation and inspiration for upcycling.  So much so, that if I don’t find something to create, build, reuse in some way, that I think I would most likely go crazy (ok friends I hear you…, crazier than I already am 😉 )   On these days, you may think I would run out to my nearest thrift store, junk store, or antique shop to find something to re-create, but I actually shop my own home & outbuildings & ‘junk’ piles.    I simply walk around my home, yard, & outbuildings looking for something that jumps out at me, and tells me to use it, and when I find the item I instantly know how I’m going to use it!   Really.  I don’t know how or why I was blessed with eyes that are able to do this, but they do, and for that I am very thankful.

A few weeks ago, I was doing that exact thing, and walking around my chicken coop and barn where I have some items that I haven’t used for anything yet, when I came across a beautiful blue/green wood ladder, and I told it “You are going in my house, right now.”  (ok, so I talk to my stuff sometimes, admit it, you do it too!) I put it up over my shoulder, and hauled it inside, placed it behind the brown chair in the living room, where there was a lonely empty corner on the wall, and boom, the corner ladder shelf was born.

Just.  Like. That.

Easy as , 1.) Pick from your own house/location , 2.) Place item in new spot for a new use , &  3.) You have successfully upcycled!

I bet y’all are more than ready to see my ladder shelf right?!    You’ve been patient, so here it is;





I just love the way the ladder looks in the corner, it adds some great height to the room, and draws your eyes up.   It also adds great texture, character, and I feel it tells a story when you look at it by triggering thoughts about its history.

Open your eyes to see things in ways other than what they really are.  Once your eyes are wide open, and you use them more in this way, you will be entering into a whole new world of upcycling, and appreciating beauty in items that others may just toss away.

Thanks for reading,

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Framed Notes | DIY Tips

When decorating my home, I always try to think outside of the box with how I display items.    Whether it be reusing an old ladder as a shelf,  a rake as a wine glass holder, or like todays Tip Tuesday project; a frame to display a note from a loved one.

I think it is so important to let the memories of our loved ones who have passed before us, to live on.   I was cleaning out my file box today and came across a stack of letters from my beautiful Grandma Shirley who passed away November 18, 2009.  The letter was written on an rsvp card to our wedding which she wasn’t able to attend due to her sickness.     The note made me cry and I feel like she really is part of my story- and wanted to display the letter in my office.

First, I found a frame that would show off all of the letter, without cutting any of her writing off.


Next I made my own matte by simply measuring the glass and cutting out a piece of blue constriction paper, taping the letter to the paper, and inserted her letter into the frame.



Then found a place to display her letter where I would be reminded of her daily.


What letter will you frame?!

Thanks for reading,


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Glass jar vegetable storage | DIY Tips

Ever since starting this blog almost 1 year ago, I have had a slight (okay okay, major) obsession with canning jars.  Their uses are seriously endless.

After moving into our new house, I somehow misplaGlced our plastic tupperware set and while digging around I saw my large supply of canning jars.  I placed them in the cupboard where I would normally store my plastic food storage containers- and I haven’t gone back to plastic containers since.

They have kept my vegetables like spinach and carrots stay fresh for a longer period of time vs them just staying in their pre-packaged bags or in tupperware.


I also love using them for onions, not only do they stay fresh longer, but it seals that strong onion smell inside of the jar and makes that smell of onion when you open your fridge a faded memory.


They are also not so bad to look at either when you open the fridge, so pleasing to the eye.

What do you like to store in glass containers?

Thanks for reading ,