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Front porch to home office transformation.

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” – Theodore Roosevelt

I fully believe in that statement above. I believe that by practicing gratitude, a positive attitude and making the best out of every situation, no matter what it is, that our lives have the potential to be nothing less than amazing!

We have lived in our early 1900’s farm house for 4 years exactly this week!  In the four years here, I had not yet taken the time to set up a home office.  I have spent the past few years, however battling Lyme Disease + co infections, so my healing has taken most of my attention.  This past week, I felt extremely motivated and inspired to dig back in to my passion, regardless how I am feeling health-wise or whether or not my pain is intense, I will push through it .  I do not want to allow an illness to take me down, to discourage me, hold me back, and most of all define me.  I am not my illness, it does not own me, I will heal, I am healing, and I will continue moving forward into Gods amazing plan for my life!

On Sunday, I had a little buzz in my heart to turn the porch into a home office, where I will  have the space to write about my latest DIY projects, where I can create, dream, set goals, smash goals and inspire all of you from in the comfort of my own home! The porch has always been, ‘the dogs room’, because no one else wanted to use it, since it wasn’t exactly the most inspiring and fun place to hang out in with it’s old floral basket wallpaper.   It is time.  Time to change all of that!

With a little bit of money, and a whole lot of motivation, I headed into Menard’s to purchase porch floor paint and stain for a desk.

All day Sunday I worked on painting over the old floor tiles with porch paint. This is a temporary fix until our budget allows for us to redo the flooring.  My daughter, Camryn picked out the Icy Mint color.  We chose to use Dutchboy’s skid resistant porch and floor paint in ‘Minted Ice / 16WW’.    Keep in mind this is a very budget friendly makeover, it wasn’t planned and as time and money allows, more improvements to the area will be made!  (Like windows, flooring, new doors, comfortable desk seating:) , etc)

Okay, so you’ve made it through my little intro story and are now probably wondering where the photos are!  So let’s get to it!

Here is what our little front porch looked like before, as it was when we moved in.

Not that inspiring or relaxing of a space, is it?

Yesterday, also known as Monday, I spent 8 hours straight working on the the porch.  I did not run to town and spend any more money to decorate and put it together, I simply just shopped my own home, and below is what I came up with!

Most of the maps that you see on the walls,were my Grandparents, that I got after my Grandpas passing, some maps even had their routes circled & car trouble notes:) , the desk is made from 2 bookshelves my dad built when I was a child, my Grandpas old ladder & a piece of $13 wood from Menard’s with Minwax classic grey stain, that my daughter also picked out.

The silhouettes in the corner, are my Grandmother’s, as well as the flower frogs which I am now using for pen storage on the desk.  The little rocks on the window sills are heart shaped rocks that were curated from along the shores of Lake Superior, from my mother, my sister and some that I found also.

The sweet house drawing that is placed on top of the US map is painted by my daughter Camryn.

I could go on and on about all of the little details. There is family , heart and soul tucked all over the space and I am beyond excited to start creating in this area!  I look forward to the wonderful words, ideas, conversations and inspiration that happen here!

About 95% of the items that I used to complete this project were items that we already had around the house & outbuildings & I gathered today to use & decorate.  When decorating a space- shop your own home & other rooms first, before you head out and spend money!  You will be surprised at what you can come up with!

As a reminder, here is what the porch looked like, before:


Here it is now.  I hope you see the love, effort and creativity that I jammed into this small little area!


Well, my friends, there it is!  What do you think?  Not bad for throwing it together in less than 24 hours right!?  I am so excited to finally have a work space in our home! Leave a comment below on your thoughts, I would love to hear your what you have to say!

Wait! Before you go, let’s connect! Did you know that you can also find me over on Instagram @endlessacresfarmtiques & kellymwhitman , and also on Facebook for more DIY inspiration?!  I hope to see you over there!

Have an awesome & blessed day!
– Kelly




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Yardstick side table.

Have you ever head of the saying, ‘Do what you can, with what you have, where you are?’  That quote applies to many different areas of my life. Particularly to how I decorate my home, and how I create.

I live 15 miles out of the city, on an old hobby farm, so trips to town do not happen every day, and I usually find myself digging around our sheds and my workshop when I am trying to build or create something, and try to make do with whatever I can find.  Sometimes I don’t even know what I’m creating until I’m 50% done with a project!

This little table was a thrift store find several months ago, and I finally got around to giving it a bit of a makeover recently.

beforeTable Before

I sanded down the top of the table, and lightly sanded down the legs.  Then I gave the legs & table edges a fresh new coat of Rustoleum hammered metallic spray paint in a bronze tone.

I topped off the table and the sides of the table with old yardsticks that I cut down to size using my chop saw.  After applying the yardsticks to the table top and sides with small tack nails I rescued from my Grandfathers garage, I finished off the table top with a nice coat of Minwax Polyshades (stain + poly top coat).

This one of a kind table will be for sale at my new vendor booth at The Shed (1519 Mayer Road, Altoona, Wi) starting on November 15th!

Another fun project, and another piece of thrift store furniture rescued!

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Mini truck-garden tutorial.

I remember it like it was yesterday.   Dad would park the van in their driveway in Minnesota, us 3 kids would jump out as fast as we could, and go down the sidewalk on the hill that was graced with beautiful flower and rock gardens all the way to Grandma and Grandpas door.

Grandma and Grandpa always kept a neat and tidy yard.  It always made me so happy as a child to run around their yard and to follow the garden paths, which at a young age I felt were secret paths winding around the back of their house.   Whenever we would go to visit their house on the lake, we spent lots of time fishing in the boat, jumping off the end of the dock, and always always helping Grandma with some sort of chore.    She made sure her gardens were always kept up, and on occasion she would have me and maybe a few others, take all of the small rocks that lined the border of one garden alongside of the deck, remove them from their place, and hand wash them, and put them back.   When I said she made sure her gardens were neat and tidy , I meant it, and I loved it.

Grandma and Grandpas gardens have inspired me in life in so many ways.   I have taken my own kids to pick out flat rocks from Lake Superior, so they can paint on them, to put in our flower gardens- just like Grandma used to let me pick out a rock from her garden to paint on.

After owning our little hobby farm for 2 years now, I am finally putting in the time, and effort to create that sort of a space that I know Grandma would love.   That space that you can walk through and feel peace, sit in and watch the birds, look at and feel inspired.
I however, will not be taking my rocks out and washing them on occasion.   😉

This time around, I decided to make several small gardens, inside of rusty trucks that I have had laying around for a long time.    This was a fun project that was perfect for my 2 kids to help me with!  Read below to see how I turned rusty old trucks into art in the garden!

View this tutorial and article about Endless Acres Farmtiques  in the June 2015 issue  Queen of The Castle Magazine, here.


Mini truck-garden tutorial

What you need;
-Rusty toy trucks (if you can’t find trucks- that’s okay! Other items will work too, like rusty buckets, wheelbarrows, etc)
-Potting soil
-Small gravel or rocks
-Window screening -if desired
– Plants of choice (Succulents make perfect contenders for truck gardens)
-Fairy garden supplies -available at most local garden centers & stores

What to do;
1.) Gather all of your supplies.  If your truck has small holes, or rusted out areas in the part of the truck that you will be placing the plants, that is perfect!    If they have too big of holes, you can choose to cut window screening and lay it across the hole, but if the truck has no holes in it, you will have to get out the drill and drill a few small drainage holes in the area you will be planting.

2.)  Take the gravel you scooped from your driveway , like I did.  Or small rocks and place them in the bottom area of the truck in a thin layer.

3.)  Take a few handfuls of potting soil and place it in the truck and mix it together well with the gravel.

4.)  Carefully place your plants where you would like them.  You may have to shake off some of the dirt that came with the plant in order to get it to fit right.  Feel free to mix some of that in with the potting soil already in the truck too.  Succulents work great for mini truck gardens and are very low maintenance.

5.)  If you found some net fairy garden items, place one or two in each truck for added charm.

6.) Enjoy your new mini truck garden!

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Junk style bird bath. Endless Acres Farmtiques


Yesterday my 5 year old daughter , asked me if I could build her a bird wash.  My automatic response, being a mom who thinks she can do it all 😉 , was ‘Yes I can!”  I said that with no plan in my head.  I told her to go put on her boots, then grabbed her sweet precious hand and we marched on out to the chicken coop which is where I stash all of my random junk and supplies for creating and building.   We  found an old metal stool, a round white enamel bowl, and a rusty old Farmers Union grease can with the top cut off.

We carried them all out, and started placing them together, and sure enough in just a few minutes, we had what looked like a (junky style) bird bath!
She then told me that she thought it should have a sign that says ‘Bird Wash’ so the birds know what it is!  So I grabbed an old board I found in my wood stash, and some red paint, and asked her how much she wanted the bird bath to be, 10 cents, 15 cents, or 25 cents, and her response was “Whatever money is the biggest!”  So, 25 cents for a bird wash it was!  To attach the sign, I simply drilled two holes (one on each end) into the board, placed flexible black wire through the holes and tied it around a stool leg.

Once all assembled, we took a few photos, and placed her new bird wash under the apple tree, next to the rusty red tricycle which serves as the bird feeder with an enamel tray full of bird food that rests on the tricycle, both placed where we can watch the birds eat and enjoy the new bird wash out the kitchen window.

It was so fun to help my daughter bring her idea to life, and show her that with a little bit of creativity, her ideas can come alive, and that each idea can be beautiful in it’s own way, and even better, it doesn’t always have to cost a lot of money!    I think I succeeded in making her happy, except I wasn’t able to put in a scrubber or an engine for the bird bath like she asked for 😉 , but overall , she is happy, and that was my end goal!

She helped me paint on a top coat of poly on the wood sign, and was as proud as can be when she was finished, she stepped back and said “Look mommy, I did that!”

Here is her wonderful idea of a bird wash that we created together, costing us only a few dollars in supplies that we already had,( but $0.00 on the day of building) :


junk style bird bath. Endless Acres Farmtiques


junk style bird bath. Endless Acres Farmtiques


junk style bird bath. Endless Acres Farmtiques


junk style bird bath. Endless Acres Farmtiques


junk style bird bath. Endless Acres Farmtiques

So tell me everyone, what do you think?  Do you think she likes it?

junk style bird bath. Endless Acres Farmtiques


junk style bird bath. Endless Acres Farmtiques

I just love creating spontaneously!  It makes my soul happy and makes me even more satisfied with a spontaneous project when it is something that I created, with my children.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday, make sure that you are following Endless Acres Farmtiques on Facebook to keep up with my latest projects and for a daily dose of inspiration!

Thanks for reading,


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Rustic Explore sign | DIY inspiration

“We must go beyond textbooks, go out into the bypaths and untrodden depths of the wilderness and travel and explore and tell the world the glories of our journey.” ~ John Hope Franklin


The other day, my adventurous 9 year old son asked for a sign to put in his room that said “EXPLORE” .   I didn’t really think too much about it, until I woke up this morning and an idea hit me, idea that thankfully came with a huge load of motivation and inspiration at 8:00 a.m.    I bundled up and went out to the machine shed to dig out some supplies to create him a sign for his bedroom.   Then, as usual in the winter months, I successfully turned my dining room into a messy workshop.

Below are the steps I took to create a rustic ‘Explore’ sign & how you can create one too!

1.)   Gather supplies; Barn board, yard sticks, paint, paint brush, Minwax clear water-based satin polyurethane, Minwax stain polyshades (in desired shade, I chose ‘Antique Walnut’), small wire nails, & hammer.

2.) I used small gold1/2″  wire nails that were from my Grandpas garage to attach the yardsticks onto the barn board.  I turned a few of the yard sticks upside down to give it a not so perfect look.  Just the fact that I am using something , even as small as nails, that were a part of my Grandfather, makes my heart happy and feel like I am still remembering him and keeping his memory alive through some of my projects.

Rustic Explore sign

3.)  Apply Minwax clear water-based polyurethane Satin finish,  over entire piece, including barn board and yard sticks.   By adding the poly over the yard sticks, it will allow the stain to stay on top of wood yard sticks, instead of soaking into the wood.

Rustic Explore sign

4.) Once the poly is dry, take black paint, and your paint brush and slowly letter the words ‘EXPLORE’ as evenly as possible onto the yard sicks.  This part took me the longest, but patience is key when doing hand lettering and it helped that I was painting on yard sticks, so my letters were easily evenly spaced apart.  I reapplied the black paint over the letters 2 times, and the second time I made the letters twice as thick/wide.

Rustic Explore sign

4.)  After the black paint is dry.  Take a brush and apply 2 coats of stain in your color of choice.   Adding stain gives the entire piece a nice aged look and really pulls it all together nicely.

Rustic Explore sign


Rustic Explore sign

Below is the finished piece in my sons room, Eventually I will add hanging brackets and hang it up on his room, but for now, it will sit on his shelf , and remind him that he should always explore, get outdoors and see the beauty this world has to offer!




Rustic Explore sign

There you have it friends!   I completed this sign in about 2 hours, for under $20 and I believe that you can do it too!  If this seems like something you’d like in your home, but you don’t quite have the motivation to pull it off, I am always open to custom requests for many projects I complete like this one.

Have a beautiful evening and thanks for taking a few minutes out of your day to be here on this blog with me tonight!



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Potato Bin End Tables | DIY Upcycle

Have you ever had an ah-ha moment?!  As an artist and entrepreneur, I find myself getting several… every single day.   How do I know which ones to take seriously and which ones to let go?!   That is the hard part.  This can sometimes be overwhelming for many artists and entrepreneurs, but that is where focus and vision come into play.   If I gave in to every single idea I had, I would either be A.) completely broke B.) completely tired or C.) go completely insane.    I don’t want to be any 3 of those!  I want to continue to love what I do.  So, if I get an idea and I can’t make it happen right away, I will write it down in a notebook and sometimes, the idea never travels further than between the lines on a white piece of paper, but for me, that is enough, and I have come to be okay with that,  for most ideas.   Sometimes I will come back to an idea 1 year later and make it happen as well.    Then sometimes, there is an idea , or an ah-ha moment like I mentioned above, that I see so clearly in my head, that I have to jump up at that exact moment and make it happen.   These potato bin end tables, are one of those ideas.

Potato Bin End tables

I have had these old wood potato bins for about a year, they have traveled to two different homes with me as I’ve moved, and have been used in about 6 different rooms for different purposes, like shoe boxes in the porch, stacked 2 high for shelving in my daughters room, set next to each other to make a bench,  put together for a coffee table in the basement, or filled with toys.   None of those ideas, although neat, felt like they were how the bins were to be given a new life.   They were meant for something more.

I took the bins and jumped into a project the day after the idea was visualized in my head.

Potato Bin End Tables

I stripped the old paint off of the back side of the bins, which would now be the top part of the end tables.

Potato Bin End Tables

Potato Bin End Tables

Potato Bin End Tables

Once most of the paint was stripped, I sanded down the tops so they were smooth.

Potato Bin End Tables

I painted the bins in a beautiful green, called ‘Preppy Green’ (the same green I also recently used on a desk makeover ) ,

Potato Bin End Tables

Next, I used a brown stain + polyurethane from Minwax , called Minwax Polyshades in Espresso brown to lightly go over every side of the bins.  This worked great as the stain stuck in all of the imperfections of the bin, showing off  their age and history and giving them a more antique look.    I stained the new tops of the bins with 2 coats of the same stain to give them a unified look and make them be viewable as actual end tables, not just potato bins, and for a bit of sophistication.

I am completely happy with how they turned out, and even more ecstatic that the vision I saw so clearly in my head, is now in my living room and I can look at them every day, knowing I DID IT and I brought my vision to life!

Below are the after photos,  I hope you like them as much as I do!

Potato Bin End Tables

Potato Bin End Tables

Potato Bin End Tables

Potato Bin End Tables

Potato Bin End Tables

Potato Bin End Tables

Thanks for reading,  for more inspiration from Endless Acres Farmtiques, follow me over on Facebook & Twitter.


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Pipe fitting candle holders tutorial | DIY Decor & Inspiration

I get inspired from many places, lately one of my inspirations has come from This Old House magazine.  I have been getting the magazine for years, and I keep just about every one of them on my book shelf, and refer back to them often for inspiration in many home related areas.

I love candles.  I have especially always loved scented candles on  my stove, and obsessively need to have one lit while cleaning my house , or else,  I can’t clean!   Although I love candles, I have always kind of , sort of, had a thing against taper candles.  Why?  I have no idea.  There is no reason in particular, except for maybe I could never find candle holders for taper candles that fit my style, and weren’t too ‘fancy’ for my rustic country-cottage style of interior design.    This past month, I was reading This Old House magazine , when just a couple of pages in, I saw a photo of candle holders for taper candles, that were created out of pipe fittings, and I knew this was something I had to create!    Below is my step by step tutorial on how you too, can make your own Pipe Fitting Candle Holders!

Pipe Fitting Candle Holders Tutorial by Endless Acres Farmtiques

Pipe Fitting Candle Holders Tutorial by Endless Acres Farmtiques

Project: Pipe fitting taper candle holders

Time: 1-2 hours (most time is dry time between coats of spray paint)

Cost: $50 (includes cost of Pipe Fittings, spray paint & candles)

Supplies: Pipe Fittings, spray paint , taper candles.

Level: Beginner


Step 1:  Visit your local hardware store and pick up several different pieces of pipe fittings.   You can use different pieces than I have used to be creative and make your candle holders your own and unique!   You will for sure need  fittings with floor flanges which will serve as the bases of your candle holders.

Step 2: Wash pipe fittings ! This is a very important step.   I had to remove price/store stickers from all of the fittings,  Next I placed them in a sink full of hot soapy water and let them soak for a few minutes, then scrubbed them clean and let them completely dry.   This step is to rid them from any grease or build up, so the spray paint can stick.

Step 3:  Assemble your pipe fittings how you like, to create 4 taper candle holders (or more if you desire).  Screw them together tightly.

Step 4;   Place your assembled candle holders onto a piece of cardboard, or a paint drop cloth and proceed to spray paint each holder all the way around, top to bottom, side to side.   It is important to make slow, soft , thin strokes with the spray paint to reduce any drips.  Repeat this process one more time, after the first coat of spray paint has dried.  I used Rustoleum dark bronze Hammered spray paint.

Step 5; Your project is complete!  Once the candle holders are dry, place them on a table for a beautiful centerpiece!   You may need to chisel down the bottom of your taper candles to fit correctly into the pipe fittings.  I just used a small knife for this step.

If you aren’t feeling like this is a project you would like to tackle but want to have Endless Acres Farmtiques create you your own set of Pipe fitting candle holders, please contact Kelly at endlessacres @ .

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Below are some more detailed photos of my pipe fitting candle holders, enjoy.

Thanks for reading,


Pipe Fitting Candle Holders Tutorial by Endless Acres Farmtiques

Pipe Fitting Candle Holders Tutorial by Endless Acres Farmtiques

Pipe Fitting Candle Holders Tutorial by Endless Acres Farmtiques

Pipe Fitting Candle Holders Tutorial by Endless Acres Farmtiques

Pipe Fitting Candle Holders Tutorial by Endless Acres Farmtiques

Pipe Fitting Candle Holders Tutorial by Endless Acres Farmtiques

Pipe Fitting Candle Holders Tutorial by Endless Acres Farmtiques

Pipe Fitting Candle Holders Tutorial by Endless Acres Farmtiques

Pipe Fitting Candle Holders Tutorial by Endless Acres Farmtiques

Pipe Fitting Candle Holders Tutorial by Endless Acres Farmtiques

Pipe Fitting Candle Holders Tutorial by Endless Acres Farmtiques

Pipe Fitting Candle Holders Tutorial by Endless Acres Farmtiques

Pipe Fitting Candle Holders Tutorial by Endless Acres Farmtiques

Pipe Fitting Candle Holders Tutorial by Endless Acres Farmtiques