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When God speaks | +Big Announcement.

Before I can tell you all the big news, I need to explain a bit of a back story on Endless Acres Farmtiques first! It is long, but if you really want to know more of my story and why I started Endless Acres Farmtiques, you should read it all!  If you are too  excited to wait, just scroll down until you see THE BIG NEWS, but then come back up and read from the start:) In 2009 I went to check the mail, across the yard of our first home in West Central Wisconsin.  In the mail, was a real estate flyer.  I never looked at these any more, since we already purchased a home, but that particular day, I felt led to sit down and look through it. I came across an old hobby farm out in the country near Menomonie, Wisconsin.

Something was pushing at my soul to go look at it, even though we had no desire to sell the house we had only been in a few short years.  I followed the prompt to go and look at the the old farmhouse with my husband and kids.  Surrounded by rolling hills, the old white farm house was worn down and in much need of tlc.  But the property and the barn, gave me a little spark deep into my heart.  I felt something start to stir deep within me that day.

We left the property, knowing that it wasn’t a possibility for us at that time to buy and fix that worn out farmhouse.   I continued to feel a stirring inside of my heart, that day had forever changed the course of my dreams and goals. I felt that we were supposed to own a little hobby farm with a small barn. As time went on, I had a vision on a little flea market store in the loft of a barn and a workshop down below.  I may not have known it at that exact moment, but it had sent me on a new path to a new purpose and passion.

I still have that real estate flyer, in my file, and written on it is ‘my dream’.

Time went on, and I continued feeling a prompting from God that we were to purchase a hobby farm. Not that particular farm, but to keep looking and follow His lead.  A while later, I felt the desire that we were supposed to sell our home, right away. Crazy thoughts, crazy! My husband somehow decided to go along with my idea, and I stuck a For Sale By Owner sign in the front yard, listed our home on Craigslist, and it was officially sold within 2 short months!  What now?  We had nowhere to go! We had no backup plan in place for when the house sold, expecting that it could take years for it to sell, we didn’t plan out what was next. But, God did.

We ended up moving in with my husbands parents in Eau Claire for the Summer and were trying hard to find another place out in the country near where we were living before, but this time with land , a barn, and some outbuildings.  There was nothing for sale. Discouraged, I wanted to give up. Why would God lead me on this path, when there is no where to go next? Why did he send us down this path when He isn’t even giving us what I felt in my heart that He was going to give us!?

We looked some more and still had no luck.  We were now on a time crunch, as the kids would be starting school soon, and we needed to be living back in their school district before the end of August. We lucked out and were able to talk some friends of ours into renting out a farm house to us that they had just fixed up, for a few months  We really enjoyed our time there, we had over 15 acres to play on, a creek, and a big old beautiful white barn.  The time came again, when we had to move out, due to our friends, needing to move in after they then needed a place to live! We searched for hobby farms for sale again in the small particular area of Wisconsin that we were looking for, and came across ONE little hobby farm on 5 acres.

Fast forward 3 years later, and we are in that exact little hobby farm. A beautiful hobby farm, with a white farm house, 3 outbuildings a a sweet little red barn.  Just like I saw in my vision several years prior.

1 year ago, I got hit extremely hard with a horrible invisible illness, Lyme Disease, it has taken over my life in more ways than I could even try to explain.  I have battled sleepless nights, months and months without work, days and nights of screaming in pain, swelling in my brain, bels palsy in my face, and so many moments when I have been sure I was dying. I wake up every day with pain in a different location, symptoms are different every day.  Some days I can get up and run around no problem, other days I have pain and want to curl up in a ball and cry all day.  I have been getting natural treatment with a Lyme specialist/natural doctor since April of this year and although I have a long road ahead of me, I am seeing progress and am thankful to God for each morning that I open up my eyes!

While battling Lyme Disease, I went through so many phases of wanting to give up my dream of having my own little flea market store, and then other times I wanted to push through the pain and not give up on my dream.  About 4 weeks ago the pain came back in my head full force, it had me down on the couch for about a month straight, and I wasn’t able to make it into work due to the pain in my head and ears. Before the pain hit again, I had finally felt like I was making progress in my healing, moving forward and was even planning to sell my stuff at a local flea market for the first time.  The pain was too intense the night before that flea market and I had to cancel.  I  was sad, discouraged, and I told God ‘I give up, I just can’t push any more,’ and I had started boxing up my vintage items, getting my diy projects I created ready to load into my truck, all to bring into a thrift store. I was even ready to give up my dream of having some sort of store front in the Eau Claire area.  I wanted to call and cancel my name being on the waiting list for a vendor booth at The Shed.  I was ready to move on, to leave my dream behind, knowing that because of my illness, I just couldn’t pursue my dreams any more.  I was THAT close to giving up.I was THAT close to letting this disease win and steal the vision out of my heart, that God gave me.

That night, my heart was aching, my head was throbbing, I was in tears, from pain and from the loss of a dream I was sure was set in my heart from God.  I didn’t understand.  As I was praying that night, for God to heal me, to help me move forward and move on with my life.  I heard something, loud and clear.  It went a little something like this, ‘ DO IT.’ I thought, wait what?  Do what?  ‘DO IT’ I heard again.  ‘DO IT  NOW.’  I heard this over and over and over again in my heart and in my mind, sure it was a direct and clear set of instructions from God. So, I did it. Right then and there, I jumped out of bed, turned on my laptop and  I created an event on my Endless Acres Farmtiques page for the NEXT weekend. I must have been crazy! Who can plan a flea market sale in their messy shed, while battling extreme head pain, in less than 1 week?  Let me tell you, the one who can do that, is the one who is being led by God.  Only through God was it going to be possible.

I officially had planned to have my very first flea market sale on our farm!  This was a vision 7 years in the making. This was a huge deal! The whole week prior to my sale, my head and ear pain was so intense I didn’t do anything to get ready for the sale. Not a thing, I couldn’t move.  I contemplated canceling, but again, was prompted by God, to keep going. When God tells you to go, you go!

It was now Friday, 2 days before the sale.  I still had not done anything to get ready. Now, picture an old messy dirty chicken coop jam packed with random future projects of mine, stacked high with rusty stuff, antiques, vintage goods and more , all while the floor was covered in thousands of bugs and gallons of dirt.  My head pain was still intense. God pushed me to march on.  My amazing husband stepped in and helped me empty out the chicken coop completely and clean it out all day Friday and half of the day Saturday.  It was now Saturday afternoon and we still had an empty chicken coop and nothing priced or ready for the sale.  When I say this sale was powered by God, I truly mean it.  My mother in law came over Saturday afternoon and stayed with me until 10:30 pm the night before the sale, pricing items and staging it in the chicken coop.She was a life saver!   We were both in so much pain in our joints that night, but again knew we had to keep on keeping on!

I went to bed that night and could not fall asleep because of shooting pains in my hip and legs, I ended up falling asleep around 1:30 am, and awoke at 6:00 and continued getting ready for the sale from 7am- until the sale started at 10 am.  I had no clue if anyone would even show up.  My son asked ‘Mom, what if nobody comes? Then what will you do?’ and I replied, ‘Buddy, it us up to God who will come out to our sale.  If nobody comes, that it will be okay, but if God wants people to come, then He will send them.’ Let me tell you, he sent them!  We had a consistent line of people at our pay station for the first 3 hours of the sale.  I never in a million years expected such an incredible turn out, especially since we live about 15 miles out in the country.  Again, thank you to everyone who came out to my first Flea Market sale , Fall Market on the farm!  I am excited to announce that we will be having an even bigger and better sale again next Fall!

I had customers at my sale the entire day from 10am-5pm.  As the sun was going down, I went and sat in the doorway of the chicken coop, watching the sunset.  I expressed to God through the tears, how thankful I was.  What an incredible thing it is, when your vision FINALLY meets up with Gods beautiful and perfect timing!  I went to bed feeling on fire again for my dream, my goals, my vision and my life.I went to bed just a few nights ago, now with God telling me, I am supposed to have a little shop of some sort in the city. Another prompt.  Another chance to listen & take action.

Now to jump ahead closer to the big announcement.  I have been on the waiting list for over 3 years to have a booth/be a vendor at The Shed in Altoona, Wisconsin.  I have been # 25 on the list for at least 1-2 years now.  They recently started an expansion which will allow for around 30 more vendors to have booths.

On Monday, the day after my first flea market sale, I  went to Eau Claire to buy my son some new shoes.  On the way to the shoe store, I got an inner nudge to go stop by The Shed and check out the new construction and see how it was going.  I walked in and overheard the owner talking with another gentleman about the new addition.  I jumped into their conversation and mentioned how I was curious if the addition had helped me move up the wait list at all.  He asked my name and expressed how he was actually calling people on the waiting list as I walked in, to claim the new booth spaces.He said  that my name was accidentally skipped over when he was making calls, complete honest mistake, and there were only a few center booth spaces left.The vendor slots are also first come first serve. So right then and there, I signed the contract to FINALLY HAVE my very first vendor booth at The Shed!  Had I not followed that inner prompting to stop in on Monday, I would have most likely missed my chance.

My booth will officially be open and ready for shopping around November 15th, at;

The Shed at 1519 Meyer Road in Altoona, Wisconsin .  


God is so very good and I am so happy that this will be something that my family and I can all do together.  We look forward to bringing in unique items, full of chippy charm, adventure themes, vintage and custom pieces of furniture and bohemian home goods, jewelry and select clothing as well. Our booth will feel like you are stepping into an adventure, with no end route in mind.

Thanks again to everyone who has cheered me on during the past 7 years that I had this vision and dream, and to those who continue to support me and my non stop crazy ideas.

I have learned so much in the past few years, but the biggest thing that I have learned, is how to hear and listen to Gods voice, and now, I have seen the beauty that can happen when you take action and that vision meets with Gods timing.

Stay tuned for more updates and booth photos as the time to my big open date gets closer! I will also be posting a few photos from the first Fall Market on the farm soon as well!

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