Hi!  I am Kelly.   I am an artist, entrepreneur and adventurer from Western Wisconsin.

I love random, spontaneous adventures. I love traveling all over the United States, especially to places I have never been before. I love creating.  I have always been interested in art, projects, and working hard  since I was very young.   I grew up in a household with a dad that was always including me in his projects, whether it was sweeping up the sawdust after he cut wood, unscrewing the oil filter under a car during an oil change,  or helping him hammer nails into a deck.   I was also blessed with a mother who was so great at keeping my siblings and I busy with craft and baking projects.

As a child,  I was continually challenged to grow and step outside of my comfort zone, while learning useful skills that have now come into play in a great way in my life.  I take pride in including my two children in many projects that I work on.  Besides owning Anchored Way Trading Co, I am also employed part time with Hope Gospel Mission at Hope Gospel Mission Bargain Center where work part time and I specialize in Merchandising and online Social Networking.

I am the proud mother of 2 precious children, who I guide in online home school and the wife of a hard working husband.  We live on an early 1900’s hobby farm on 5 acres outside of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, with our dog, Django, and our four hens, Millie, Helen, Emmie Lou, and Bess.


I started my D.I.Y. blog several years ago to be a source of inspiration for others looking to tackle tasks and projects around their own home.

If you are interested in purchasing a custom creation by Anchored Way, you can now shop in our booth at The Shed in Altoona, Wi! You can also head on over to our Etsy shop to see our featured items, follow us on Facebook or contact us via our contact page.   

I love the whole process of transformation.  That is where I find beauty, in the process of change, in the faith of possibility and in the transformation of something that was into something that now is.

Just as God allows us to  to transform ourselves into something greater with His love and tender care, I believe that pieces of furniture and unwanted household items can also be rescued, renewed, and once again re-loved.

There is so much beauty in stepping back and looking at something after it has been transformed.  I understand, that to see, feel and imagine the possibilities in something doesn’t always come easy, which is why I have created this blog to help others start to view items with a new set of eyes and to learn to see possibility in the ordinary.


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